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Predestination is Practical

by Jeff Robinson

In some churches, it is a word that conjures up images of an angry and capricious God who acts arbitrarily to save some, but consigns most sinners—including deceased infants—to eternal perdition. For many professing Christians, it is the mother-of-all-swear-words.

Let the pastor breathe it in the presence of the deacon board and he risks firing, fisticuffs or worse. A God who chooses is anti-American, anti democracy. It bespeaks a long-faced religion, a doctrinal novelty invented by a maniacal 16th century minister whose progeny manufactured a theological “ism” that has plunged countless souls into a godless eternity.




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A Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine-11-Election

January 2, 2014 6 comments



1. What name is given to those whom God effectually calls to salvation?

They are called the elect or the chosen ones of God.

2. Why are they so called?

Because God, before the foundation of the world, chose them unto salvation through Christ Jesus.

3. Did God make this choice because He foresaw that these persons would be pious and good people?

He did not; for the goodness and piety of any are due to the influences of the Spirit.

4. Was it, then, because He foresaw that they would believe?

On the contrary, it is through His choice that they are led to believe.

5. What, then, was the ground of that choice?

His own sovereign will.

6. How may we know if we be of the Elect of God?

Only by perceiving that the Holy Spirit has led us to repentance and faith and loving obedience to God.

7. Ought we not diligently to watch for such assurance of our calling and election?

Yes; and besides this we ought to pray to God to give His Spirit thus to work in us.


James P. Boyce- A Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine

Reasons to remember Christ

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Christians have many treasures to lock up in the cabinet of memory. They ought to remember their election — “Chosen of God ere time began.” They ought to be mindful of their extraction, that they were taken out of the miry clay, hewn out of the horrible pit. They ought to recollect their effectual calling, for they were called of God, and rescued by the power of the Holy Ghost. They ought to remember their special deliverances-all that has been done for them, and all the mercies bestowed on them. But there is one whom they should embalm in their souls with the most costly spices-one who, above all other gifts of God, deserves to be had in perpetual remembrance. One I said for I mean not an act, I mean not a deed; but it is a Person whose portrait I would frame in gold, and hang up in the state-room of the soul. I would have you earnest students of all the deeds of the conquering Messiah. I would have you conversant with the life of our Beloved. But O forget not his person; for the text says, “This do in remembrance of ME.” It is Christ’s glorious person which ought to be the object of our remembrance. It is his image which should be enshrined in every temple of the Holy Ghost.

Charles H. Spurgeon—The Remembrance of Christ—A sermon delivered on Sabbath Evening January 7th 1855