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Mark Driscoll, Tullian Tchividjian, and Reformed Baptist Polity

September 22, 2015 Leave a comment

by Tom Chantry

It has been roughly a year since the evangelical and small-c calvinist worlds were embroiled in the ongoing collapse of Mars Hill Church and the once booming ministry of Mark Driscoll. A cascade of revelations, from plagiarized material to authoritarian abuses to dishonest financial practices all resulted in the collapse of Driscoll’s reputation and, ultimately, the loss of his ministry.

In the midst of this disaster Evangelical Fix-it Man Paul Tripp™ was flown in to become part of something called the Board of Advisors and Accountability, which was patterned after the apostolic institution of the…uh…never mind. As the disaster broadened, even Paul Tripp™ bailed out, stating on his way out the door, “This is without a doubt the most abusive, coercive ministry culture I’ve ever been involved with.”




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Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis

September 23, 2014 1 comment

By Albert Mohler

Western society is currently experiencing what can only be described as a moral revolution. Our society’s moral code and collective ethical evaluation on a particular issue has undergone not small adjustments but a complete reversal. That which was once condemned is now celebrated, and the refusal to celebrate is now condemned.

What makes the current moral and sexual revolution so different from previous moral revolutions is that it is taking place at an utterly unprecedented velocity. Previous generations experienced moral revolutions over decades, even centuries. This current revolution is happening at warp speed.

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Benjamin Keach’s Definition of Drunkenness

Making Disciples will Change the World

“You can organize marches and make your protests. It all comes to nothing, and makes not the slightest difference to anyone. But if you have a large number of individual Christians in a nation, or in the world, then and only then can you begin to expect Christian conduct on the international and national level. I do not listen to a man who tells me how to solve the world’s problems if he cannot solve his own personal problems. If a man’s home is in a state of discord, his opinions about the state of the nation or the state of the world are purely theoretical.”

Martin Llyod Jones (1899-1981)