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Is the Existence of the NT Canon Incompatible with Claims of New Revelation?

January 12, 2016 1 comment

By Michael Kruger

“God has spoken to me.”

There are few statements that will shut down debate more quickly than this one. If Christians disagree over a doctrine, a practice, or an idea, then the trump card is always “God has spoken to me” about that. End of discussion.

But, the history of the church (not to mention the Scriptures themselves) demonstrates that such claims of private, direct revelation are highly problematic. Of course, this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t speak to people. The Scripture is packed with examples of this. But, these were typically individuals with a unique calling (e.g., prophet or apostle), or who functioned at unique times in redemptive history (e.g., the early church in Acts).

After the first century was over, and the apostles had died, the church largely rejected the idea that any ol’ person could step forward and claim to have direct revelation from God. This reality is probably best exemplified in the early Christian debate over Montanism.

Montanism was a second-century movement whose leader Montanus claimed to receive direct revelation from God. In addition, two of his “prophetesses,” Priscilla and Maximilla also claimed to receive such revelation. Such revelations were often accompanied by strange behavior. When Montanus had these revelations, “[He] became obsessed, and suddenly fell into frenzy and convulsions. He began to be ecstatic and to speak and to talk strangely” (Hist. Eccl. 5.16.7).




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The Spirit does not reveal anything contrary to what has been written

March 12, 2014 1 comment

calvin.jpg_7MA21605611-0015Refutation continued.

3. The impositions of Satan cannot be detected without the aid of the written Word. First Objection. The Answer to it.

2. Hence it is easy to understand that we must give diligent heed both to the reading and hearing of Scripture, if we would obtain any benefit from the Spirit of God, (just as Peter praises those who attentively study the doctrine of the prophets, (2 Peter 1:19,) though it might have been thought to be superseded after the gospel light arose,) and, on the contrary, that any spirit which passes by the wisdom of God’s Word, and suggests any other doctrine, is deservedly suspected of vanity and falsehood. Since Satan transforms himself into an angel of light, what authority can the Spirit have with us if he be not ascertained by an infallible mark? And assuredly he is pointed out to us by the Lord with sufficient clearness; but these miserable men err as if bent on their own destruction, while they seek the Spirit from themselves rather than from Him. But they say that it is insulting to subject the Spirit, to whom all things are to be subject, to the Scripture: as if it were disgraceful to the Holy Spirit to maintain a perfect resemblance throughout, and be in all respects without variation consistent with himself. True, if he were subjected to a human, an angelical, or to any foreign standard, it might be thought that he was rendered subordinate, or, if you will, brought into bondage, but so long as he is compared with himself, and considered in himself, how can it be said that he is thereby injured? I admit that he is brought to a test, but the very test by which it has pleased him that his majesty should be confirmed. It ought to be enough for us when once we hear his voice; but lest Satan should insinuate himself under his name, he wishes us to recognize him by the image which he has stamped on the Scriptures. The author of the Scriptures cannot vary, and change his likeness. Such as he there appeared at first, such he will perpetually remain. There is nothing contumelious to him in this, unless we are to think it would be honorable for him to degenerate, and revolt against himself.

John Calvin-Institutes of the Christian Religion-Book I-Chapter 9-Henry Beveridge Translation

Charismatic: False Prophecies

I used to attend churches that are known as Charismatic. In other words these churches identify themselves as having ongoing apostolic gifts. They claim to heal, to work miracles, and to have a fresh word from the Lord.

The last church I ever attended is Pastored by a man named Otis Graves here inTalladega,Alabama. This individual actually asked me to leave his church because I preached the Reformed faith for four years straight and he had become hardened to the gospel message of the scriptures. He actually told me that his church was a charismatic church and not a Reformed church.

In the video that I am going to show you, you will see a regular charismatic meeting. Charismatics are big on speaking words from the Lord over individuals. They think that what they are receiving is directly from God. My last Charismatic church would agree with the woman speaking these words over this individual and would also agree that if you deny what has been said, then you have a demon. (Charismatics are also big on women ministers. They deny the scriptures which state plainly that the man is to lead the congregation’ not the woman).

The fact is that this woman minister, in this video, is speaking blessings over this individual. She states that he is from God and a man that loves the Lord. Yet when he rebukes her and tells her that the gospel is about Jesus Christ, she then takes offense and calls him an unbeliever and one who possesses a demon.

Watch the video for yourself: