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Federal Vision, New Perspective & Justification [Audio]

April 29, 2015 2 comments

Dr. Fred Malone, Justification and the New Covenant

Mitchell Jones, The Testimony of a Pardoned Sinner (Psalm 32)

Dr. Sam Waldron, The New Perspective on Paul

Jarrett Downs, Justification and the Ordo Salutis

Stephen Means, A Critique of the Federal Vision

Steve Garrick, Dispensationalism and Justification

Dr. Sam Waldron, The Ungodly Justified by Faith Alone

Todd White, Assurance and Justification

Dr. Sam Waldron, Why Is Faith Alone the Instrument of Justification

Roundtable, Question and Answer Session




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Defining “Reformed Baptist” (again)

March 23, 2015 1 comment

by Tom Chantry

Do Reformed Baptists exist?

That’s a question I’ve seen again recently – this time from a self-proclaimed Federal Visionist. Consider that: here is someone who denies sola fide yet worries that churches like mine which don’t baptize babies might self-identify as “Reformed Somethings.” We live in a strange world, don’t we! It is one thing to hear a strictly confessional Presbyterian or Reformed pastor arguing that we are outside the proper definition of “Reformed,” but it is quite another to hear it from those who – by any sane definition – are much further outside that circle.

Before we can answer whether Reformed Baptists exist, we must first identify what that designation means. “Reformed Baptist” is a term – albeit a compound term – with a definition and a history. Understanding that history is necessary if anyone is going to understand what the first word in the term means. While a number of useful brief definitions exist, I intend to address the question from the standpoint of history.




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