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Love Not The World—Why?

February 13, 2012 1 comment

Because the gain of it is the loss of the soul.—Matthew16:25.

Because its friendship is enmity to God.—James 4:4.

Because it did not know Christ.—John1:10;17:25.

Because it hates Christ.—John 7:7;15:18.

Because the Holy Spirit has forbidden us.—1 John2:15.

Because Christ did not pray for it.—John 17:9.

Because Christ’s people do not belong to it.—John17:16.

Because it will not receive the Spirit.—John14:27.

Because its Prince is Satan.—John13:31;16:11.

Because Christ’s kingdom is not of it.—John18:36.

Because its wisdom is foolishness.—1 Corinthians1:20.

Because its wisdom is ignorance.—1 Corinthians1:21.

Because Christ does not belong to it.—John8:23.

Because it is condemned.—1 Corinthians11:32.

Because the fashion of it passeth away.—1 Corinthians7:31.

Because it slew Christ.—James 5:6; Matthew21:39.

Because it is crucified to us.—Galatians6:14.

Because we are crucified to it.—Galatians6:14.

Because it is the seat of wickedness.—2 Peter 1:4; 1 John5:19.

Because its God is the evil one.—2 Corinthians 4:4.

‘Love not the world! It cannot be your home,

Thy fatherland must be the world to come;

There lay up treasures for eternity;

And where thy treasure is thy heart shall be.’

Horatius Bonar, 1870 (hymnwriter & pastor)

This quote came from a friend of mine.

No Wisdom apart from God

The wisdom of the Greeks, when compared to that of the Jews, is absolutely bestial; for apart from God there can be no wisdom, not any understanding and insight.

Martin Luther