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A biblical theology of mountain-temples, with help from G. K. Beale

November 25, 2013 1 comment

Beale notes, “The prophet Ezekiel portrays Eden on a mountain (Ezek. 28:14, 16). Israel’s temple was on MountZion (e.g., Exod. 15:17), and the end-time temple was to be located on a mountain (Ezek. 40:2; 43:12; Rev. 21:10).”[1]

“In light of these numerous conceptual and linguistic parallels between Eden and Israel’s tabernacle and temple, it should not be unexpected to find that Ezekiel 28:13-14, 16, 18 refer to ‘Eden, the garden of God…the holy mountain of God’, and also alludes to it as containing ‘sanctuaries’, which elsewhere is a plural way of referring to Israel’s tabernacle (Lev. 21:23) and temple (Ezek. 7:24; so also Jer. 51:51). The plural reference to the one temple probably arose because of the multiple sacred spaces or ‘sanctuaries’ within the temple complex (e.g., courtyard, holy place, holy of holies)… Ezekiel 28 is probably, therefore, the most explicit place anywhere in canonical literature where the Garden of Eden is called a temple.”[2]


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Lecture Series on Symbolism by G. K. Beale

February 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Here are five lectures by G. K. Beale on how to interpret symbolism in the Bible and also these lectures will show you why the New Heavens and the new earth are equated with the temple.

G. K. Beale is one of the leading authorities on the Book of Revelation. His commentary on this book consists of over 1200 pages. If you would like to follow the temple of God from the Garden of Eden to the Church, then I suggest that you listen to these lectures.

This lecture series is entitled “From Symbolism to Significance” and consists of:

1. What you revere, you resemble

2. The Key to Understanding Symbolism

3. Why is the New Heaven and the New Earth equated with the Temple Pt 1

4. Why is the New Heaven and the New Earth equated with the Temple Pt 2

5. The Two Witnesses in Revelation

Here is another lecture by G. K. Beale entitled “The Use of the Old Testament in Revelation” and it can be found right here.