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Question 26-Puritan Catechism

Spurgeon 3Q. Wherein did Christ’s humiliation consist?

A. Christ’s humiliation consisted in his being born, and that in a low condition, (Luke 2:7) made under the law, (Galatians 4:4) undergoing the miseries of this life, (Isaiah 53:3) the wrath of God, (Matthew 27:46) and the cursed death of the cross; (Philippians 2:8) in being buried, and continuing under the power of death for a time. (Matthew 12:40)

Charles Haddon Spurgeon-A Puritan Catechism

God’s method of salvation by grace has “established the law” in a threefold way

Arthur PinkGod’s method of salvation by grace has “established the law” in a threefold way.

First, by Christ, the Surety of God’s elect, being “made under the law” (Galatians 4:4), fulfilling its precepts (Matthew 5:17), suffering its penalty in the stead of His people, and thereby He has “brought everlasting righteousness” (Daniel 9:24).

Second, by the Holy Spirit, for at regeneration He writes the Law on their hearts (Hebrews 8:10), drawing out their affections unto it, so that they “delight in the law of God after the inward man” (Romans 7:22).

Third, as the fruit of his new nature, the Christian voluntarily and gladly takes the Law for his rule of life, so that he declares, “with the mind I myself serve the law” (Romans 7:25). Thus is the Law “established” not only in the high court of heaven, but in the souls of the redeemed. So far from law and grace being enemies, they are mutual handmaids: the former reveals the sinner’s need, the latter supplies it; the one makes known God’s requirements, the other enables us to meet them. Faith is not opposed to good works, but performs them in obedience to God out of love and gratitude.

Arthur W. Pink The Application of Scriptures-A Study of Dispensationalism