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Effects of the Knowledge of God

calvin.jpg_7MA21605611-0015Effects of the knowledge of God, in humbling our pride, unveiling our hypocrisy, demonstrating the absolute perfections of God, and our own utter helplessness.

On the other hand, it is evident that man never attains to a true self-knowledge until he have previously contemplated the face of God, and come down after such contemplation to look into himself. For (such is our innate pride) we always seem to ourselves just, and upright, and wise, and holy, until we are convinced, by clear evidence, of our injustice, vileness, folly, and impurity. Convinced, however, we are not, if we look to ourselves only, and not to the Lord also — He being the only standard by the application of which this conviction can be produced. For, since we are all naturally prone to hypocrisy, any empty semblance of righteousness is quite enough to satisfy us instead of righteousness itself. And since nothing appears within us or around us that is not tainted with very great impurity, so long as we keep our mind within the confines of human pollution, anything which is in some small degree less defiled delights us as if it were most pure just as an eye, to which nothing but black had been previously presented, deems an object of a whitish, or even of a brownish hue, to be perfectly white. Nay, the bodily sense may furnish a still stronger illustration of the extent to which we are deluded in estimating the powers of the mind. If, at mid-day, we either look down to the ground, or on the surrounding objects which lie open to our view, we think ourselves endued with a very strong and piercing eyesight; but when we look up to the sun, and gaze at it unveiled, the sight which did excellently well for the earth is instantly so dazzled and confounded by the refulgence, as to oblige us to confess that our acuteness in discerning terrestrial objects is mere dimness when applied to the sun. Thus too, it happens in estimating our spiritual qualities. So long as we do not look beyond the earth, we are quite pleased with our own righteousness, wisdom, and virtue; we address ourselves in the most flattering terms, and seem only less than demigods. But should we once begin to raise our thoughts to God, and reflect what kind of Being he is, and how absolute the perfection of that righteousness, and wisdom, and virtue, to which, as a standard, we are bound to be conformed, what formerly delighted us by its false show of righteousness will become polluted with the greatest iniquity; what strangely imposed upon us under the name of wisdom will disgust by its extreme folly; and what presented the appearance of virtuous energy will be condemned as the most miserable impotence. So far are those qualities in us, which seem most perfect, from corresponding to the divine purity.

John Calvin-Institutes of the Christian Religion-Henry Beveridge Translation

Police threaten an evangelist for preaching on “Hell”

March 26, 2013 5 comments

A Rock Island, Il. Evangelist was threatened by police officers for preaching on “Hell” and accused him of cussing. Yet, if this Evangelist was using the term in reference to a particular place, (which he was), then there was no profanity in his speech.

Here is a portion of an article describing the events that surrounded the threats by local police:


“A Rock Island, IL, street evangelist has filed complaints after local police have twice threatened him with arrest for preaching about “hell” and informing people that they must die and face judgment. The court also required the man to justify his use of the word “hell,” asking why the alleged cuss word was a necessary part of his message.”



Read the rest of the article here:



Nevertheless, Dan Savage was allowed into a public school in order to bully, cuss, and ridicule those who hold to the Christian faith and nothing was done by authorities concerning this matter.

Read about Dan Savage’s rant here.

Those who ridicule the Bible and protest of Christian’s intolerance against homosexuality, murder, abortion, etc… ;are really showing that the shoe is on the other foot. I have yet to encounter someone on this blog who professes to be an atheist, homosexual, etc…; who actually shows tolerance for beliefs that differ with theirs.

So those who claim that Christians are bigots are showing their true colors.

True Religion Leads to Holiness

If your religion does not make you holy, it will damn you. It is simply painted pageantry to go to hell in.

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892)


Why Did the Puritan Hard Drive Cost So Much?

I was under the impression three years ago that the Puritan Hard Drive was to be put out on a 90 Cd collection. I was under the impression that there was a mega-super-sale going on. Still Waters Revival Books or SWRB made everyone believe, (via their web site), that there was utmost urgency in buying the 90 Cd collection in a prepublication sell. They proclaimed that unless someone bought it then, that they would have to spend a 1000 or more dollars in order to get it later on.

Lo and behold they decided to put it to hard drive instead of on the 90 Cd collection. After this announcement there was surely more urgency to purchase this product, else one would have to pay a huge amount to obtain this product. Get it now in the pre-publication sell or you are sure to pay $1000 or $1500 or who knows how much once we get this collection together.

I rushed to my phone because certainly I wanted the best study software available, that money could buy, at the lower discount price. I was in joy that I was getting such a deal. I waited for this product with anticipation. Email after email promised that my product would be searchable and that I could install the program on any computer that I so desired. Their emails also promised that my product would have instructional videos on it, in order to use this product with ease.

I entered into agreement with SWRB and began to pay $30.00 a month. I paid for two years on this product and ended up paying $895.00. Upon getting this product paid off, I quit receiving updates. No matter how much I would contact them, I would get no weekly updates. Almost 7 months passed and I contacted John Hendryx at He told me that the product began shipping a week ago. (This was in September 2010)

Several weeks later I received my hard drive. I was so excited. I plugged it to my primary computer and downloaded it. My excitement was short lived. To this day their software will not run on my hard drive.

I have recently visited and on their web site I find that the hard drive only cost $347.97. I am thinking, “What’s up with this?” I was led to believe that if I did not purchase this product, when I did that I would have to pay a thousand or more dollars for it. Now I find out it actually is less than half of what I gave for it.

The only thing I can conclude is that I paid their software engineer to develop software that I cannot even use. SWRB has a lot to stand before God and give account of. They will have to give account for why they lead multitudes into believing a bunch of lies.

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

See the price on Sermon here.