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Peace through the Blood Part 3

November 27, 2013 1 comment

The Wednesday Word: Peace through the Blood Part 3


And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, (Colossians 1:20 a)


One of the excellent benefits of the gospel is peace. God is the God of peace. He is surrounded by peace and is at peace within Himself. There is neither turmoil nor disturbance within His psyche. His thoughts towards us are ones of peace and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11). Being that God is the God of peace, it is not surprising to discover that, when Jesus hung on the cross, peace was made between God and sinners. At the cross, Christ was chastised to the extreme, and in our place (Isaiah 53:5). Because of this, we now have peace with God. Because of the shed blood our sins are removed, and we stand before God in the full knowledge that His war with us is over. We have peace with God.

Octavius Winslow said it like this,

“The atoning blood is everything to us. It is the groundwork of our salvation- yes, it is salvation itself. It is the source of our peace …. yes, it is peace itself. It is the open door of heaven- yes, it is heaven itself. All that is really holy and precious to a poor believing penitent is bound up in the atoning blood of Jesus.”

Of course, there are many who, because of their spiritual dullness, see the shedding of Christ’s blood as a pointless exercise. They have no concept that man, by nature, is a God hater and rebel against the Almighty. They fail to see that, man the rebel is under the wrath of the almighty.

By the way, if it seems too extreme to say that by nature man is a God hater, I would point you to the source of this teaching in John 7:7 where we read, “The world cannot hate you; but me it hates, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.” Who taught this? It was none other than the Lord Jesus! Now, here’s the unpleasant truth; man, left to his own devices has freely chosen to live in defiance and hatred of God. The only hope man has, therefore, is God’s intervention with the blood of the crucified Christ. It alone has made peace. Indeed, it is impossible to, by faith, embrace the lamb of God dying in our place and not have peace. Christ has shed His blood, and the Father has accepted that same blood on the mercy seat (Hebrews 9:24). Since this same Christ, who was once crowned with thorns, is now crowned with majesty, we can behold Him by faith and have peace.

Centuries before Jesus was born, the cross had been used as an instrument of torture and death. In 519 BC, for example, the Persian King, Darius I, crucified 3,000 political enemies in Babylon. The cross as a method of execution was later adopted by the Romans but used only on non-citizens and slaves. When Jesus Christ came and bore our sins, however, the cross took on a new significance. There the Saviour, “through the blood of His cross,” made peace. The gospel turned the wretched instrument of torture into God’s glorious negotiating table. In Christ alone, the Father and the sinner meet. When they meet, they both behold the blood. The Father’s looks at the blood and sees that His Son has died in the place of the sinner. The sinner looks at the blood and sees that Christ has died instead of him. Thus, the Father and the sinner are both satisfied with the blood. They come into agreement through and by the blood. The result is peace!

And that’s the Gospel Truth


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