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Keach Conference 2015 Now Online

Keach Conference Sermonaudio

Of Free Will: Session 1-Bryan Wheeler

Of Free Will: Session 2-Ron Young, Sr.

Of Free Will: Session 3-Pastor Alpheus Atkin

Of Free Will: Session 4-Jeff Riddle

Christ Reformed Baptist Church

Biblical scholar claims to have found the oldest known Gospel — inside a mummy mask Pt 2

February 23, 2015 Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I posted some links concerning the supposed discovery of the Gospel of Mark inside a mummy mask. Thanks to Jason Delgado over at, I was pointed to a Mp3 put out by Jeff Riddle concerning this supposed find.

Today I am placing up a link and urge you all to go over and check out this Mp3 by Jeff Riddle. He does a great job explaining why it wouldn’t matter a whole lot even if this is an authentic find.

So in order to download this audio just click right here. Also be sure to check out Pastor Jeff Riddle’s blog post concerning this subject.