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ARBCA 2016 General Assembly audio now online

Miller, J. Renihan, D. Lindblad, Crosby, Hodgins, Slate, Waters


Audio from the 2016 Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) General Assembly [which took place on April 26-28, 2016 at Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois] , is now online:



Devotional John 17:1-5 | Thomas Waters [mp3]

Redemption Accomplished | Pastor Jerry Slate [mp3]

A Defense of Confessionalism | Arden Hodgins [mp3]

A Tale of Two Associations Revisited | James M. Renihan [mp3]

Devotional John 17:6-19 | Rob Cosby [mp3]

Propitiation Accomplished | Don Lindblad [mp3]

Associational Churchmanship: LBC 26:12-15 | James M. Renihan [mp3]

Devotional John 17:20-26 | John Miller [mp3]



Source [Confessing Baptist]