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Augustine and ‘The City of God’

Author: Charmley, Gervase N.

Augustine of Hippo is without doubt one of the most significant figures of the early Church, and perhaps the most important of all those to write in Latin. It has been said that, ‘Apart from the Scriptural authors, no other figure had a greater impact on Christian life and thought up to the time of the Reformation.’1 No less a figure than B. B. Warfield wrote that Augustine, ‘not merely created an epoch in the history of the Church, but has determined the course of its history in the West up to the present day.’2 Of all of his many writings, it is his book The City of God that is widely agreed to be his greatest.3




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Abraham Booth on the Two Kingdoms – Particular Voices

What is the kingdom of Christ? Where does it come from? What does it look like on earth? What is its relation to the many kingdoms of this world? The answers to these questions are still a topic of much debate in some circles. In this post from Particular Voices, Abraham Booth comments on Christ’s claim that His “kingdom is not of this world.”

You can read what Booth has to say about Christ’s kingdom here.



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A Theology of Action: Owen Strachan on “Risky Gospel”

December 10, 2013 2 comments

risky-gospel-209x300In his latest Marked Urgent post, “‘A Theology of Action: Owen Strachan on ‘Risky Gospel,'” Dr. Mohler commends the book, Risky Gospel.

Written by Dr. Mohler’s former research assistant, Owen Strachan, who currently serves as an assistant professor of theology at Boyce College and as Executive Director of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, this book confronts “mystical, fearful Christianity” head-on and explains that real, risky Christianity means having a heart and mind transformed by Scripture and a life of strategic deployment for the Kingdom of Christ. Dr. Mohler agrees with Strachan that gospel risk releases you “from the tyranny of small expectations” and “from the endless cycle of brand management.”

Click here to read Dr. Mohler’s post to know why he commends Risky Gospel as a great Christmas gift for young Christians and as well-timed for the challenges all Christians now face in our risky world.