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Many think it a badge of honor to be non-denominational


Three benefits ought to follow from thus teaching our youth:

Secondly, we may thus render them better Christians. I agree with an eminent Presbyterian minister who recently said “We make people better Christians by making them better Presbyterians, better Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians.” There are some very excellent people in our time who think it a merit to be entirely undenominational, and who proclaim that they “love one church as well as another.” But, where not deluded, such persons are few and quite exceptional; in general, the truest, most devoted, and most useful Christians are strong in their denominational convictions and attachments. I repeat, then, that by proper instruction in our distinctive views we shall really make our young people better Christians.

And, thirdly, we thus prepare them to explain and advocate these views in conversation, a thing which is often called for, and when properly managed may be very useful.

John A. Broadus-The Duty of Baptists to Teach Their Distinctive Views