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America is worshiping the ‘Money God’

“A man robs a bank and makes off with 10 million dollars. He is never caught and his family invests the money and generations of his family become wealthy. They call it God’s blessings.

Tens of millions of slaves are transported to America. They play a significant part in America’s growing economy. Later, many white people who benefited from that slave labor directly and indirectly proclaim God’s blessing on their finances.

I’m not seeing much difference. In America, “God’s blessings” are almost always measured in dollars. Donald Trump and Hugh Hefner must be God’s favorites. Somewhere along the line we have made God a divine rich uncle. But God desires to fill our hearts, not our wallets.”


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A Request for Prayer

April 28, 2011 2 comments

I am asking everyone to be in much prayer for our nation. Powerful tornados have wreaked havoc across the southern part of the United States. The death toll is rising, while others have been left with no home, money, food, or clothing.

I ask you to call upon God to aide these people in finding him and also to aide them with the neccessities of daily life.

God bless,

Hershel lee Harvell Jr.

Concerning Giving

Feel for others–in your pocket.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)