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Concerning Changes to my Website and Blog

This article is just an update on everything that is going on around my website and blog. I have for several years placed ten fresh links, every other week, on my web site; that dealt with the latest Christian news, articles, ebooks, etc…and then offered a short comment on each. I really designed the web site in order to build pages that will assist someone in their study of the Reformed faith. Yet in order to build these pages I need time to find and link to some great articles. My time instead has been spent hunting ten new articles in order that I might up date my front page every other week.

I have now placed news widgets on the front page of my website and I am moving my comments to my blog. This will free me up to find material in order to finish building and adding to my website.

I have not forgotten my gospel articles for my blog, nor my apologetic articles that dealt with atheism, the resurrection of Christ, creationism versus evolution, etc…. I have just been busy trying to make this transition. Lord’s willing after Memorial Day weekend I will get back to defending the faith, along with my regular quotes and such.

I will continue to add a Mp3 of the week and an article of the week to the bottom of my website’s front page.

God bless,

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.