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Pastoral self-appointments must stop

March 14, 2016 2 comments

By Conrad Mbewe

It is a well-known fact that state governments in Africa are deciding that enough is enough and are moving in to arrest the rot taking places largely in Charismatic churches. The stench cannot be ignored any more. This has already begun to happen in Kenya under President Uhuru Kenyatta. South Africa and Zambia are also preparing legislation. It will not be long before other African nations join in.

Why are national governments beginning to do this? It is because their citizens have been sexually raped and financially defrauded by men of the cloth with impunity and they can no longer look the other way. Sadly, this is also because they have noted with dismay that the church is doing nothing to arrest the trend.

I have my ears to the ground. After all, I live in Africa. I am hearing the church cry foul to the intervention of governments. The cry is that this is a form of persecution by the state because the church is expressing its misgivings about injustices being done by state machinery.

To some extent this is true. However, the question still begs to be answered. What is the church—especially the Charismatic church—doing to stop the rot that is taking place within its own ranks? I have my ears to the ground and….




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A Christian friend in a homosexual relationship: Our Response

How are we to react if one of our professing brothers in Christ states that they are in a homosexual relationship? Do we remain silent and do nothing? Should we try to show them the right way? Should we continue fellowshipping with them? Pastor John Piper answers this question in the video below.

(Of course, I want to add that this is also what we should do if someone is in an adulterous relationship or a sexual relationship outside marriage.)

How should you respond to a Christian friend who’s in a homosexual relationship?