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The Puritan Hard-Drive emails come like clock work

Many here have probably read of the ordeal that I went through with the Puritan Hard-drive from SWRB. Many here probably are aware that SWRB has an entire page up against my critique of the Puritan-Hard. This page makes false accusations against me and does not tell the truth concerning what transpired concerning my purchase of the drive.

With all that aside, I would like to ask SWRB why I now get emails which advertise this drive? I mean, once I called and had them go ahead and charge my credit card with the remaining amount I owed, the emails stopped. I did not receive anymore emails about the progress of this drive. (I was set up on a payment plan and paid so much a month. I called and had them go ahead and charge me for the remaining balance).

Beginning a few weeks ago, the emails started coming regularly into my inbox concerning the supposedly so-called super-sale which SWRB has going on concerning this drive. I get at least one, sometimes more, emails a day concerning this so-called super-sale.

Did my name make it back to the email list because SWRB is now struggling trying to get someone to purchase this drive? Who knows? Maybe they have had a down fall in sales.

I would not be surprised if this is the case. I mean who wants to buy a drive which contains pdf’s that are hard to read? (These are scanned files of old books, which they now claim can be searched) Who wants to buy a drive which contains only a little over 2000 pdf’s and 10,000 plus mp3’s? (A lot of the mp3’s are by the same so-called minsters, who are biased against any other viewpoint, except The Covenanter way of interpretating the scriptures).

If anyone is interested in seeing what is on this drive or interested in viewing the poor quality of pdf’s on it, then just check out the links below.

Purtian Hard-drive Critque Pt 1 (A pdf explaining what went on with my purchase of the drive)

Purtian Hard-drive Critque Pt 2 (A pdf explaining what went on with my purchase of the drive)

Sample page (A Pdf sample page which shows the poor quality of books which you will receive if you purchase this drive)

Puritan Hard-drive Critique (A webpage listing all the Pdf’s on the drive and proving that there are absolutely no books on this drive that are particularly Reformed Baptist and certainly there are not 2300 plus Reformed Baptist files on this drive)

Puritan Hard Drive Revisited or Puritan Drive Critique 3

Several years ago when the Puritan hard Drive was in Cd format, I decided to purchase them. It took over 2 years and $895.00 to finally receive what is now called the Puritan Hard Drive. The owner and manufacturer of this drive is Still Water Revival Books owned and operated by Reg Barrow.

Close to the end of this two year waiting period I contacted John Hendryx, of, to see if he might know when this drive would come out. John Hendryx was advertising for Reg Barrow and therefore I thought he might have some insight on when these drives would eventually start rolling off the production line. In my email I told John that I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten scammed. John’s exact words to me were: “I have been wondering that myself.”

Once the drive finally arrived I could not get it to work properly on my main computer and contacted SWRB and they hooked me up with their engineer. (I know, Right! Who hooks you to the engineer when you are having technical difficulties with a product) Through several emails we worked back and forth, but could not resolve the situation.

Due to not being able to use the drive on my main computer, that and several other factors, I wrote a critique of this drive. SWRB has a whole page devoted to critiquing my critique, however, Reg Barrows resulted to slander and ad hominem, instead of debating the issues. I had been accused of contacting his affiliates through email and by phone and harassing them. So I wrote another critique in response to that. At the time I used At&t cellular service as my primary phone service. My At&t bill would arrive with a full statement showing every call that had been made from my phone during that month. I still have all these billing statements and no phone call can be found to anyone regarding this matter. I also kept my emails from John Hendryx.

In the critique put up by SWRB, Reg Barrows claims that I harassed his affiliates through email and phone, yet the only testimony he has is the one by John Hendryx. John Hendryx supposedly said, “Seems mentally unstable or something insisting that the whole thing is my fault.” This statement does not trouble me. It just makes me wonder how anyone can run a Christian website and not have SWRB take that statement down while asking forgiveness of the one he is slandering, knowing that he was in agreement with me throughout this whole process. I don’t want to speculate, but advertising money will make individuals change positions on a whole lot of things. The Lord will judge those who slander others falsely.

Now on to the Puritan Hard Drive:

Reg Barrow, in his deceit filled sells pitches, makes the claim that this drive contains 2208 Reformed Baptist books, mp3’s, and videos. This is the main part of his deceitful sells pitches which I have challenged in both of my critiques. In my critiques I stated that there were indeed a few Baptists files on the drive, however there is nothing particularly Baptist about it. He challenged this by saying:

However, since there is no way for others to substantiate many of the errors, inconsistencies and even outright lies in your review, I will provide just one example below (from your review) about how grossly inaccurate your review of the Puritan Hard Drive actually is, on a point that others can easily verify…”

Reg Barrow stated that there was no way for others to substantiate my claims (he says errors), but we shall prove that what I stated was no error. There are 2123 pdf files on this drive. I took the file names and copied them and put them into a webpage. I have highlighted in blue all the files by Baptists authors (I only ended up with 99 and had to drop seven of those because Octavius Winslow seceded to the Anglican Church in the last decade of his life) and have listed them above the list of names on the webpage. I also highlighted in red every book that teaches infant baptism over and against the Baptist position, without him also including books which argue for the Baptist position. One file by Andrew Fuller was only added because it includes letters and an appendix which tries to show that Andrew Fuller taught a false doctrine concerning Christ’s atonement. All the files by Baptist authors were placed on the drive because they do not contradict covenanters doctrines. (I will eventually put the names of the files of the 10,323 Mp3’s on a web page and go through them also. It might take several webpages and a lot of work, but I will substantiate my claims)

My first and second critique were made into Pdf’s back when I wrote them and a link to them is on the webpage above the list of books on the drive.

So if you want to go through the list of names or download my critiques, then visit my page. The link below the ‘Puritan Hard Drive’ link entitled: ‘Sample Page,’ is to a pdf containing only one page. A lot of these Pdf’s are scanned copies of books and so I copied one page and put it in pdf, in order that you would know how hard it is to read some of these files.

Puritan Hard Drive Critique—web page with a list of all pdf files

Sample Page—–click here to see a sample of a page from one of SWRB’s scanned books

Once you go through the books that were included on a covenanters hard drive, you will even say:

“There is nothing particularly Baptist about that.”

The Puritan Hard Drive Revisited

November 18, 2013 3 comments

HDhand.jpg_49.jpg_1MA25522523-0019Today I would like to revisit an old controversy between myself and Still Water Revival Books (SWRB). In my first critique of this drive I had stated, that once I paid my hard drive off, then I quit receiving any emails about the progress of the drive. This made me began to worry about having been ripped off. You see I bought the Drive as a 90 Cd collection and then Mr. Reg Barrow had the idea to put it all on a drive. This took over two years. During that time I had gotten regular updates on the progress. It wasn’t until I had paid off the drive that my SWRB emails just quit coming.

I started purchasing the drive in 2008 and finished paying it off in 2010. Regular email updates came, usually about once a week, sometimes more. Since that drive was paid off I haven’t received any emails whatsoever. Well guess what? October 26 of this year the emails started flowing again. That’s right. I have been receiving emails from (SWRB) every two to three days since the 26th of October of this year. I paid the drive off March 2010 and it is November 2013. We are talking three and three quarters of a year without a single email from Reg Barrow and SWRB.

The question is: Why did I begin to receive emails all of a sudden? Was it that Reg Barrow found my email tucked in a folder in his computer and then suddenly decided to put it back into the system? Since I have shown his deceptive advertising strategies, in my second critique of the drive, then maybe he put my email address back into the system in order to be able to boast about how many are on his mailing list. Who knows? But one thing is for sure, I am now receiving email updates from them again.

A second subject that I want to touch on concerning the drive is: I can’t believe the number of top named Reformed ministers who are being used to advertise this product. I can’t believe that any of them would speak out as a spokes person for the drive. As I have stated before, the drive contains 10,323 mp3’s, 2124 Pdf files and 71 videos. The mp3’s are from mostly the same individuals. Men such: as Brian Schwertly, Greg Price, and Matthew McMahon. Greg Price is definitely one of the main speakers on the mp3’s. Secondly, there are only 71 videos. All of these are by Richard Bennett or Greg Price. Thirdly, though there are 2124 Pdf files, nevertheless most of these Pdf files can be found right here: as a free download. Fourthly, if you are a Reformed Baptist, then you will be disappointed because there is nothing particularly Baptist about this drive. There are no Baptist confessions, no books arguing from a Baptist position and no videos or mp3’s arguing from the Baptist position either.

So in my opinion, I can’t see why any top named Reformed minister would be promoting stuff that can be downloaded for free or that is one sided in its views.

I hope you give it second thoughts before purchasing this device. 

If you are Reformed Baptist, like myself, here is a link to a library designed just for you.

Puritan Library

January 1, 2012 2 comments

Why pay a huge sum of money to Still Water Revival Books (SWRB) when you can obtain most of the same material for free? Just visit the link below and you will have free access to hundreds of Puritan authors whose books can be downloaded in Kindle, Epub, or PDF for no cost at all.

The list includes names such as Richard Sibbes, John Owen, Thomas Watson, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, John Flavel, Jonathan Edwards, Stephen Charnock, Thomas Goodwin……just to name a few.

To enjoy this blessed resource just click right here.

God bless your study,

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

Puritan Drive Critique 2

To all those who are concerned for the truth, instead of propaganda, I now write a response to Mr. Reg Barrow of Still Waters Revival Books.

Reg Barrow began his critique of my critique by stating that he loved me and wanted to pray for me as a brother in the Lord. After this he began to use propaganda and deception by stating that his affiliates have mentioned to him my harassing phone calls and emails.

My response to this is that he is using the devices of the deceptive debater by first stating that he loves an individual, but then turns around and tries to discredit them with lies. Reg Barrow nor his affiliates can produce any email or phone call record that I have made in connection with this Puritan Hard drive. The email that I sent to and John Hendryx was mentioned in my first critique. Since this time I have only sent one other email and this was to two weeks ago [1], when I learned that Reg Barrow had responded to my critique with lies by saying that I had been emailing and calling him or his affiliates. I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that my phone has not called any of his affiliates and the last time I called SWRB was a year ago when I called to finish paying off the drive. I explained this in my first critique. [2]

What Reg Barrow does not realize is that I use a cell phone for all of my calling needs. Therefore I get a paper statement of all calls that I place from my phone or calls that come into my phone. Therefore Reg Barrow can be proven wrong about whether or not I have called him or his affiliates. I have a paper trail from phone records coming out of my phone that will go back about 4 to 5 years. Many of the broadcasters live within driving distance from me and therefore I could take my phone records to several of them and they would be witnesses of whether I have called him or his affiliates. So Mr. Reg Barrow ought to watch how he invokes the ninth commandment seeing that he has lied in order to discredit my critique.

Before I begin I want to discuss the ninth commandment seeing that Mr. Reg Barrow has brought it up, yet he has showed ignorance in his use of it. I am being accused of breaking the ninth commandment in my first critique. He claims that I said that there were no Reformed Baptist materials on the Puritan Hard drive. My response to this is that this is not a violation of the ninth commandment. If you told me that you set the gas can in the backyard and I say that it is not there, then the burden of proof on you is to show me where it is at. Therefore if I had said that there were no Reformed Baptist materials on this drive, then this would not be a violation of any commandment because I might have over looked these materials and therefore the one who placed them on the drive could take me over to them and show me where they are at. When one breaks the ninth commandment he does as Reg Barrow does and makes up stories about emails and phone calls that do not exist. This is bearing false witness against another. It is not overlooking something that may be there, yet hasn’t been found yet, but is down right lies of so-called facts that do not exist.

Now in response to his critique of my critique I will first quote him:


“However, since there is no way for others to substantiate many of the errors, inconsistencies and even outright lies in your review, I will provide just one example below (from your review) about how grossly inaccurate your review of the Puritan Hard Drive actually is, on a point that others can easily verify – if they have the Puritan Hard Drive or even if they have the free Puritan Hard Drive demo software which is available for download here.”


Reg Barrow said that since there is no way anyone could substantiate many of the errors, inconsistencies and even outright lies in my review, then he would just deal with one point. My response first of all to this is that there is a way someone can verify my so-called inconsistencies concerning whether the hard drive would work on my computer or not and that is again by showing it to a local broadcaster of So Mr. Barrow needs to watch what he writes because everything I said in my first review can be verified. I can verify everything I said by simply going to local broadcasters and having them examine my claims to see if they are correct. But Reg Barrow cannot produce any evidence showing continuous emails and phone calls to prove that I have continued to harass him or his affiliates.

Secondly if you will notice in the above quote from Reg Barrow that he never misses a step in getting some free advertisement. Instead of loving me and showing me where I have erred, he instead uses his critique to point people to a link where they can download his material.

I will again quote from Reg Barrow:


“Hershel, in your “Puritan Hard Drive Critique or A Critique of the SWRB Puritan Hard Drive” you write,

Secondly this product claims to include Reformed Baptist products. It is true that there are a few books or Mp3’s by Reformed Baptist on this hard drive, but there is nothing that is particularly Baptist on this hard drive… This much stated, I think it to be false advertising to state that this hard drive contains Reformed Baptist materials.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and if you had been attempting to write an even somewhat honest review, rather than just using your review to libel our work and ministry, you could have easily determined that not only does the Puritan Hard Drive contain 2,208 Reformed Baptist books, MP3s and videos, but that the massive number of Reformed Baptist resources on the PHD make the Puritan Hard Drive the largest, by far, single publishing event of Reformed Baptist resources in all of history!”


My response is that Mr. Barrow is twisting things a bit. He actually quotes from my first critique, but then turns around and says that if I had been serious about doing an honest critique of the Puritan Hard Drive, then I would have easily determined that the Puritan hard Drive is the largest, single, publishing event of Reformed Baptist resources in all of history. Yet Mr. Reg Barrow misses the mark altogether. He claims to be critiquing me, but instead again resorts to advertisement in order to promote his product.

Mr. Barrow I actually conceded in my critique to say that there were Baptist authors used, but said that there was nothing particularly Reformed Baptist about your hard drive. I mean all you had to do was produce one book, mp3, or video that argued for the Reformed Baptist position concerning Baptism. All you had to do was produce one Pdf file that contained the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. It is true that there are Baptist authors on the drive, but nothing Particularly Baptist. I mean having an mp3 on the drive by Charles Spurgeon on ‘God’s Grace and God’s Mercy’ is not particularly Baptist. This is what I stated in my critique and then you responded by saying that I broke the ninth commandment and presumed to show me the amount of Reformed Baptist books and mp3’s that are actually on there.

What I want to know is do you understand the words that I have written? I said that there was nothing PARTICULARLY BAPTIST about the drive. I hope you understand these words that I have written. If not maybe you can use some of the money that I paid you for this drive and hire someone who can understand the English language.

This now brings me to a new point that I will critique. I want to know why the Puritan Hard Drive cost me $895.00.

Reg Barrow made everyone think that if they did not order the Puritan Hard Drive in the prepublication sell, then they would later have to end up paying $1000 or more dollars for it. All one has to do to see this deceptive ploy is to go to his Internet site and they will see that he is promising some kind of sell or deal if you buy the hard drive now.

I went to his site March 26, 2011. Here is an example from his web site


“TODAY ONLY, SAVE $650.00, UNTIL 11:59PM (ET), ON THE …………….PURITAN HARD DRIVE (Single Platform Edition, SPE). Now Just $347.97 (With Free Shipping Worldwide)! Click Here Now As This Sale Price Expires Today Saturday, March 26, 2011, At 11:59PM (Eastern Time).

The retail price of the new single platform edition (Windows or Mac) of the Puritan Hard Drive is $2,997.97. The SWRB Super Sale price is $997.97. However, TODAY ONLY, until 11:59PM (Eastern Time), you may purchase either the Windows only or Mac only single platform edition of the Puritan Hard Drive for just $347.97. Click here and save an extra $650.00 now!”


I went back to his site one week later on April 3, 2011. here is what I found:


“FOR TWO DAYS ONLY, SAVE $648.00, UNTIL 11:59PM (ET) ON MONDAY, ON THE PURITAN HARD DRIVE (Single Platform Edition, SPE). Now Just $349.97 (With Free Shipping Worldwide)! Click Here Now  As This Sale Price Expires In Two Days On Monday, April 4, 2011, At 11:59PM (Eastern Time).”


Mr. Reg Barrow is using deceptive advertising techniques. He needs to repent for promising a deal if someone will buy his Puritan Hard Drive today. This is what lead me to purchase the drive in a hurry and I ended up buying it for $895.00. I only have the single platform drive and now he is selling it for $347.97.

I am being accused of breaking the ninth commandment because I supposedly said that no Reformed Baptist materials were present on the drive. I did not say that, but instead I said that there was nothing particularly Baptist about the drive. Yet Reg Barrows uses deceptive advertising techniques to sell his product. He is breaking the ninth commandment by resorting to such deceit and trickery in order to make a bunch of money off of God’s word or things written about God’s word.

Reg Barrow lies about supposed emails and phone calls, he lies about putting instructional videos on the drive, and he lies about having some kind of super sale. I believe that Mr. Barrow needs to repent before God and repent to those he has ripped off with his super sale techniques.

I also want to say that unless you listen to a lot of Mp3’s, then this Hard Drive is not for you. I listen to Mp3’s all day, so I do not mind that the majority of the information on the drive is nothing, but mp3’s. But if you do not have opportunity to listen to mp3’s, then you ought not to purchase this drive.

The drive contains 10,323 mp3’s. It only contains 2124 Pdf files and only 71 videos.

Again I want to say that I highly recommend “The Amazing Christian Library” because it contains an entire folder that is particularly Baptist, not to mention it uses Reformed Baptist authors throughout the rest of the material as well. It is 36 Cd’s worth of Pdf books.

As I conclude my critique of Reg Barrow’s critique I want to say that I thank you Mr. Reg Barrow for responding. Your response has not only pushed my critique into the forefront of web searches, but has also exposed you for what you are. You use deception and trickery in order to sell your products and many more will become aware of this as time goes on. You become offended if someone does not like your product. Yet this is what happens in the world of commerce. Not everyone is going to like the product that someone else sells. But you do not see the the secular world spreading lies on those who give them a bad review.


1] I could not believe that allowed their web pages to be used to spread false accusations about individuals.

2] The last time my phone records show that I called SWRB is on Feb. 15, 2010 at 11:38 A.M. And it cost me $1.16 for an international call. I vowed right then to not make anymore international calls. All I asked that day is for them to go ahead and charge my credit card for the remainder of the amount of which I owed. [The reason I know the exact date, time, and cost of this call is because I am looking at the phone records right now. But I have never called any of their affiliates. No such calls on my phone records.]



Why Did the Puritan Hard Drive Cost So Much?

I was under the impression three years ago that the Puritan Hard Drive was to be put out on a 90 Cd collection. I was under the impression that there was a mega-super-sale going on. Still Waters Revival Books or SWRB made everyone believe, (via their web site), that there was utmost urgency in buying the 90 Cd collection in a prepublication sell. They proclaimed that unless someone bought it then, that they would have to spend a 1000 or more dollars in order to get it later on.

Lo and behold they decided to put it to hard drive instead of on the 90 Cd collection. After this announcement there was surely more urgency to purchase this product, else one would have to pay a huge amount to obtain this product. Get it now in the pre-publication sell or you are sure to pay $1000 or $1500 or who knows how much once we get this collection together.

I rushed to my phone because certainly I wanted the best study software available, that money could buy, at the lower discount price. I was in joy that I was getting such a deal. I waited for this product with anticipation. Email after email promised that my product would be searchable and that I could install the program on any computer that I so desired. Their emails also promised that my product would have instructional videos on it, in order to use this product with ease.

I entered into agreement with SWRB and began to pay $30.00 a month. I paid for two years on this product and ended up paying $895.00. Upon getting this product paid off, I quit receiving updates. No matter how much I would contact them, I would get no weekly updates. Almost 7 months passed and I contacted John Hendryx at He told me that the product began shipping a week ago. (This was in September 2010)

Several weeks later I received my hard drive. I was so excited. I plugged it to my primary computer and downloaded it. My excitement was short lived. To this day their software will not run on my hard drive.

I have recently visited and on their web site I find that the hard drive only cost $347.97. I am thinking, “What’s up with this?” I was led to believe that if I did not purchase this product, when I did that I would have to pay a thousand or more dollars for it. Now I find out it actually is less than half of what I gave for it.

The only thing I can conclude is that I paid their software engineer to develop software that I cannot even use. SWRB has a lot to stand before God and give account of. They will have to give account for why they lead multitudes into believing a bunch of lies.

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

See the price on Sermon here.


Puritan Hard Drive Critique

December 28, 2010 7 comments

I am going to write a short review of my experiences with the Puritan Hard Drive from Still Waters Revival Books (SWRB) and included is a short review of several other sites who advertise it on their web sites.
First I want to state that I purchased the Puritan Hard Drive back in March of 2008. This is when it was being offered as a 90 CD collection. I set up a payment plan and began to pay on this until March 2010. As I paid on this collection I would receive weekly updates explaining to me about all the new additions to this set. Once I paid this collection off, I quit receiving any updates, despite my constant attempt to get my name put back on the list for the weekly updates. This sent up red flags and I began to worry that I had been scammed; but a week after SWRB began shipping the hard drive I contacted John Hendryx at and he informed me that they had begun shipping. I also contacted and they contacted SWRB and let them know that I had inquired about the drive (since I had received no updates) and so my name was added to the next shipping list and I received it a few days later.(October 19).
My plans for this drive were to download it into my main desktop. I have a Windows XP desktop with 256 Ram and only 80 Gigs of hard drive space. I certainly was not going to use this because of the limited memory and not enough space. I have a Windows Vista Service Pack 2 laptop with 3 Gigs of memory and 160 Gigs of hard drive space. Again I had plenty of memory, but as you can see, not enough hard drive space. The computer I was going to use their hard drive on, by downloading it into the computer, was my Window Vista Service Pack 1 with 1 Gig of memory and 320 Gigs of hard drive space.
The problem I had was that the program they developed to search their material would run on the lap top and the old Windows XP, but on the Windows Vista Service Pack 1, it would not run. It kept telling me that the program was already open or damaged. So I contacted SWRB and for one day got some assistance from Wayne Elias the software engineer. Immediately red flags went up because I thought that it was peculiar that the main engineer would be assisting me. Most companies, corporations, businesses, who put out a large quantity of products, do not have the main software engineer contact you when something is wrong. Anyway, I was told that I must I have tried to open the wrong file since it did not work. The hard drive came with instructions that even a child could follow and I informed him of such and explained what I opened. He then proceeded to tell me that my computer was reading his program wrong by classifying it as a word perfect file instead of a Film Maker Pro Run Time File.
I received eight emails the same day with Wayne trying to assist me. After this I could get no answer. I contacted because they advertise for them, but unfortunately they would not respond at all. I also contacted John Hendryx at because they also advertise for them and I was plainly told by John Hendryx that it was not his problem. He stated that he only advertises for them and has nothing to do with the software engineering and he could not figure out what I wanted him to do. It is very unfortunate that men or sites who claim to be Christian have not the same professional courtesy as a worldly business of which one might deal with. It is common practice, by all advertisers of any product, to contact the company of which they advertise for, if a consumer has a problem, but can’t get anything done by the manufacturer of the product. Those who advertise for them do not want a bad rap or bad name from a defective product. However, when one deals with individuals within the Christian world, many of them have not the same professional courtesy.
So my problem is still not fixed and here it is December 28; over two months after receiving the Puritan Hard drive.
My next critique of this drive is the fact that for months SWRB advertised that their instructional videos were going to be included in the hard drive itself. But when the final product came out, they instead have them on line. Because of this one fact, this product would be more difficult to use or to figure out by a missionary, who has no Internet connection in a foreign land. What I am saying is that this product was not designed for the missionary who is in a place that has no Internet connection. The instructional videos should have been included with the hard drive.
Secondly this product claims to include Reformed Baptist products. It is true that there are a few books or Mp3’s by Reformed Baptist on this hard drive, but there is nothing that is particularly Baptist on this hard drive. For instance, I have yet to find the 1689 London Baptist Confession. I have found no Mp3’s that argue from a Baptist position. I have listened to the Mp3’s that argue for infant baptism. These include men such as Brian Schwertly, Greg Price, and Matthew McMahon. Their arguments were weak and ridiculous to say the least, especially Matthew McMahon’s accusations against Baptist as being dispensationalist because we do not hold to infant baptism. I use to hold to Scofield’s dispensational theology and what Matthew McMahon describes as being dispensationalism is far from it. I will commend Brian Schwertly for accurately stating that Reformed Baptist came off the Puritan movement and not the Anabaptist movement.
This much stated, I think it to be false advertising to state that this hard drive contains Reformed Baptist materials. After purchasing this drive I had talked to some people on line and found out that Reg Barrow and his bunch were sectarians. In other words they are one sided in their views, so much so that they include no other views into their library.
I had, several years ago, purchased a library called “The Amazing Christian Library” and it contained much of the material that is on the Puritan Hard Drive. Also it contained an entire folder on Baptist materials. This is a balanced view of the Puritan movement. Therefore SWRB ought to change the name of the drive from the “Puritan Hard Drive” to the “Presbyterian Hard Drive” and then it will correctly describe the materials therein.
I want everyone to know that I highly recommend the “Amazing Christian Library” and think that the “Puritan Hard Drive” by SWRB is really a waste of money. I was told by John Hendryx that if I thought that this drive was not missionary friendly, then why not send it back. I answered by saying, “Are you kidding? I didn’t think I would see this drive to begin with. If I send it back, I may never see the money or the drive, seeing that they do not care to make sure it works for their customers.”
Finally I want to say that I tried to check for updates for my Puritan Hard Drive by opening their program file on my laptop and clicking the link that states ‘Software Updates’ and the program took me to a web page of SWRB’s that stated that the page had been removed, name changed, etc… They had a link at the top of that page that stated “PHD KB Software Updates”. In order to check for updates I had to click that link. I have never purchased any software, that has an update link inside the software, that took me to a page that was of no use. It seems to me that someone does not know what they are doing.
I will close this critique for now. I hope and pray that you have not experienced the same complications that I have with this product. If you have, then I feel for you because I know who you have to deal with to clear the complications up.
(I want to state that I know the difficulties of trying to find out information on the net because I have dealt with slow dial-up for years. How much more difficult would it be for the missionary with no Internet?)
Hershel Lee Harvell Jr