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Joel Osteen likes God, he just doesn’t like Jesus

August 12, 2014 2 comments

OsteenJoel Osteen is always quick to point us to God. He wants us to claim that we are somebody and that we can reach for the stars. Nevertheless, we have to ask ourselves: Is the god of Osteen’s self help messages really God?

The God of the Bible gave revelation throughout scripture that pointed to Christ. Jesus Christ was the fulfillment and revelation of all that God proclaimed throughout the Old Testament. Yet Osteen’s messages are Christ-less. Joel Osteen hardly ever mentions Jesus Christ.

If God points us towards Christ as the second Adam, and points us towards Christ in the passover, in the priesthood, etc, etc….and then reveals him in the New Testament as the High Priest and the substitutionary atonement that takes away sin, then why isn’t Osteen interested in proclaiming this to the world? Is it because Osteen doesn’t really see mankind as fallen depraved sinners? Is Osteen really speaking of the God of the Bible when he speaks every Sunday?

Is Osteen’s self-help messages Christ-less and do they contain no gospel message for the world?

I leave you to decide by clicking right here.

Joel Osteen’s Theology of Glory

August 12, 2014 2 comments

OsteenI have friends and family who are captivated by Joel Osteen. They love to see a man every Sunday smiling at them, telling them that they are better than what they believe themselves to be. I mean who wouldn’t want to hear this? We all want to be encouraged and compelled on to bigger and better things. We all want to feel important and strive to look important when others are around. We even try to win God’s favor by presenting ourselves as holy and righteous around church members and boasting of what we have done in Christ name. Yet we never always feel the way we present ourselves to others.

And this is where Osteen comes into the picture. The reason Osteen holds multitudes captive is because he speaks to their sin nature and encourages them in their sin. The problem is not that they are corrupt, depraved, wretched sinners and that they don’t love themselves to much, but they miss the blessings of God because they have low self esteem and don’t love themselves enough. This is the message that Osteen preaches to thousands, if not millions every Sunday.

Is this our problem? Do we have low self esteem and belittle ourselves to much? Do we miss God’s favor because we haven’t claimed more importance and glory for ourselves? Or do we miss God’s favor because we haven’t viewed ourselves the way God’s word proclaims that we are? Do we miss God’s favor because we are trying to steal what rightfully belongs to him? We try to glorify ourselves and leave God to be just our eternal provider. We want him to recognize our importance and if we will just rise up above our present state of mind and proclaim that we are somebody, then we can have even more from his eternal storehouse of goods.

Osteen is a charlatan. He is a self help guru, who encourages everyone to reach for more glory. The glory that we do not rightfully deserve. His methods and words are never from scripture, but instead are from what we already claim for ourselves. It is part of our corrupt sin nature to boast and think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think.

Osteen never quotes scripture. He instead provides quotes that we already conceive in our own minds. Our hearts are idol factories and produce more corrupt and vain thoughts of ourselves than what he could ever provide.

What we have got to ask ourselves is: Does Osteen’s quotes actually work in the real world? Can we rise up out of our so-called comfortable state and reach for God’s glory and gain his eternal favor? Or should we be examining what he states with scripture and recognize that what he says comes from the very root of the sin nature?

Here are some quotes by Osteen and I leave you to decide for yourself.

Q and A-1

Every once in a while I receive a question from my readers. I normally answer these questions through private exchange of emails. However, the question I received below is one that addresses why I quote certain individuals on my blog so I thought I would address it with a blog post.


From g sfdasf:

“Why do you guys quote from Charles Spurgeon, when he has said crazy stuff like this… regenerate person can say this stuff…”

“We believe in the five great points commonly known as Calvinistic; but we do not regard those five points as being barbed shafts which we are to thrust between the ribs of our fellow-Christians.” (The Ceremony of Laying the First Stone of the New Tabernacle, April 11, 1861)

“The controversy which has been carried on between the Calvinist and the Arminian is extremely important, but it does not involve the vital point of personal godliness as to make eternal life depend on our holding either system of theology. … But, I think we are all free to admit, that while John Wesley, for instance, in modern times zealously defended Arminianism, and on the other hand, George Whitefield with equal fervor fought for Calvinism, we should not be prepared either of us, on either side of the question, to deny the vital godliness of either the one or the other. … We are willing to admit, in fact, we dare not do otherwise, that opinion upon this controversy does not determine the future or even the present state of any man; but still, we think it to be so important, that in maintaining our views, we advance with all courage and fervency of spirit, believing that we are doing God’s work and upholding most important truth.” (Exposition of the Doctrines of Grace, April 11, 1861)

“Most atrocious things have been spoken about the character and spiritual condition of John Wesley, the modern prince of Arminians. I can only say concerning him that, while I detest many of the doctrines which he preached, yet for the man himself I have a reverence second to no Wesleyan; and if there were wanted two apostles to be added to the number of the twelve, I do not believe that there could be found two men more fit to be so added than George Whitefield and John Wesley. The character of John Wesley stands beyond all imputation for self-sacrifice, zeal, holiness, and communion with God; he lived far above the ordinary level of common Christians, and was one ‘of whom the world was not worthy.’ I believe there are multitudes of men who cannot see the truths, or at least, cannot see them in the way in which we see them, who nevertheless have received Christ as their Saviour, and are as dear to the heart of God of grace as the soundest Calvinist in or out of Heaven.” (The Man With the Measuring Line, December 11, 1864)


First and foremost I want to say thank you for visiting my blog and for your question g sfdasf.

Secondly, it must be recognized that though I quote from certain individuals on this blog, nevertheless I hope that everyone understands that even though I quote from certain individuals, this does not mean that I believe or hold to every thing these individuals taught.

Thirdly, men are finite and not infinite. In other words, men are limited in everything they do or know and the only being that is unlimited in what he does or knows is God alone. Man is a created being and as a created being he cannot be perfect in everything he says or does. There are times in every theologians or ministers ministry where that theologian might be inconsistent in what he says or does. I am sure if I followed any minister around long enough I would find an inconsistency in his teaching. Does this mean that the Bible is inconsistent or contradictory? Absolutely not. This just means that man, who is a fallen and finite creature, cannot always be perfect in all his doctrine all the time.

Fourthly, are we to believe that these three quotes contradict the ministry of Charles Spurgeon? Again I answer: “Absolutely not!” In the first and second quote Spurgeon is making it known that salvation does not rest on the bases of being able to articulate doctrine accurately. God does not save individuals because they are trained theologians and can quote scripture, word for word, or because they can articulate every doctrine of the Christian faith, but instead salvation rests in faith in Christ alone. As for the third quote, Spurgeon is merely thinking the best of Wesley. We are to think the best of certain individuals and allow God to judge the rest. We are not the judges of whether or not they are saved, only God knows this. We are to judge their doctrines for sure, but only God is the judge of each individuals final destination.

I hope this answers your question concerning these matters.



If anyone has a question, then email me and I will deal with it as time permits.

All of Grace-Book Read

Announcing our book read!

Remember next week I will begin blogging quotes by reformed and Particular Baptist men of Church History. I will from time to time blog a quote from a Paedobaptist, but want to mostly focus on men who have influenced the Reformed Baptist beliefs.

I also want to remind you that beginning Monday April 23, 2012; I will begin blogging the book called “All of Grace” by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. I would like for us all to read a chapter at a time together and then discuss this marvelous little book. If you want to participate and do not have a copy, then you can download a copy right here  for free.

God bless.

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

All of Grace

April 13, 2012 1 comment

Beginning Monday April 23, 2012 Reformedontheweb will begin to blog Reformed Baptist quotes. I will at times also add a Paedobaptist quote, but will focus more on Reformed or particular Baptist. This is not because I think that some writers are necessarily better than others, but in order to give you, the reader, a better understanding of what Reformed or particular Baptist believe.

Also on Monday April 23, 2012 Reformedontheweb will begin to blog from the short book by Charles Spurgeon called “All of Grace.” I would like, for those who are willing to participate, for us to read each chapter together and have some open discussion on this short, but grace filled book.

If you do not have a copy, then you can download a free Pdf version of it right here.

Baptist Quotes and Articles

I wanted to let everyone know that in a few weeks this blog will begin to focus more on Reformed or Particular Baptist quotes, articles, and books. Right now I am reading through some of the earliest writers of the particular Baptist persuasion.

This does not mean that I am not going to quote Paedobaptist writers or refer you to their works, but seeing that this blog is aimed at Reformed Baptist doctrines, then I wanted to provide my readers with quotes, articles, and books that will show them what the earlier fathers of Baptist doctrines taught.

I hope you enjoy.

God bless,

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

Concerning Faith

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Faith untried may be true faith, but it is sure to be little faith, and it is likely to remain dwarfish so long as it is without trials. Faith never prospers so well as when all things are against her: tempests are her trainers, and lightnings are her illuminators. When a calm reigns on the sea, spread the sails as you will, the ship moves not to its harbour; for on a slumbering ocean the keel sleeps too. Let the winds rush howling forth, and let the waters lift up themselves, then, though the vessel may rock, and her deck may be washed with waves, and her mast may creak under the pressure of the full and swelling sail, it is then that she makes headway towards her desired haven. No faith is so precious as that which lives and triumphs in adversity. Tried faith brings experience. Faith increases in solidity, assurance, and intensity, the more it is exercised with tribulation. Faith is precious, and its trial is precious too.

Charles H. Spurgeon, “Morning and Evening Daily Readings” (1834-1892)