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Exciting News from Reformed on the Web!

After spending 18 hours or more a day, on my days off, I have succeeded in giving my website a face-lift. The entire site has been rebuilt, links reordered, new pages added, and hundreds of new links added. Unlike the pages offered by my site provider, these have been built offline and then uploaded. The hardest part was trying to figure out what links my uploaded pages would become, once I uploaded the files. I had to figure this out in order to build a single sidebar for the 34 pages I uploaded. I thank God I got them all right when I first took on this project. This was very important considering all my url’s changed slightly due to the fact that I uploaded the pages verses building them online.

Subheadings of theology have an entire page and I begin by defining that particular subheading of theology. (However, I have not tackled every subheading of theology. That is to come in the future, if it be the Lord’s will.) I then added interesting articles, articles that defend that particular subheading, and sometimes links which contain counter arguments. (This is especially true concerning my baptismal-debates page. I provide links for the position of credo-baptism and links for the position of paedo-baptism.)

As for now, the audio-sermons page is under construction. I have hundreds of links to go through before I can build it. However, the page does exists. It just says: “Under construction.”

So if you are interested in reading some interesting articles on certain points of theology or you are interested in downloading several hundred Ebooks, including the Reformation History Library (See the bottom of my Homepage), then check my rebuilt website out.

You can visit the home page by going here. Please be sure to bookmark the home page when you visit.

God bless,

Hershel L. Harvell Jr.

What’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology?

February 13, 2017 Leave a comment

distinctiveness-revised-194x300By Pascal Denault

Since my book first came out in January of 2013, I wanted to revise it. At first it was minor corrections and typos, but along the way came some important precision that I wanted to include in my work. I have written this blog post to explain what’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness. If you think it’s worth it, you may buy the paperback version or the kindle version (available beginning of next week Feb. 12th) on Amazon. Let’s start with a new endorsement by an important French theologian.


The French-speaking Baptists, at least those from Europe (as I am), often ignore the Reformed origin from which the Baptist faith emerged—the genealogical continuity is certain. The fine work of this French Canadian pastor on the theology of the covenant, or the covenants, which was elaborated by the ancient Baptist doctors debating the other Reformed theologians, vividly presents this rooting. It also highlights….




Read the entire article here.