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The Slick-Waldron Debate: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (part 1)

By Sam Waldron

I have not previously blogged about debates I have been asked to participate in. But since this was a social media event of sorts, and some things worthy of comment happened, I have decided to write some blog posts about my debate with Matt Slick.

Matt Slick and I had an opportunity to talk before our recent debate. He seems to be an amiable guy and genuine Christian. He says he is “Reformed” and even Amillennial like myself. He attends (I really am not sure how, given these convictions, but I guess that is his business.) a Calvary Chapel in Boise, Idaho. He is the man behind CARM.ORG, something which a number of my younger Reformed brothers seem to know. My brief perusal of the site seemed to indicate that it had a wise and moderate tone about most things. It does advocate for the continuation of the charismatic gifts, but not the continuation of Apostles of Christ. I would characterize his view as Third Wave. Matt also made clear that he wanted to distance himself from more extreme Charismatics and their ungodly antics.




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Does the Bible Teach That the Charismatic Gifts Are For Today?

January 26, 2016 5 comments


Above is a debate between Dr. Sam Waldron, Dean and Resident Professor of Systematic Theology at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, and Matt Slick, President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. They debate the question, “Does the Bible teach that the charismatic gifts are for today?”

No matter which side of the issue you may be on, I highly recommend watching this debate, which is very instructive and helpful in seeking to understand the important issues involved. I think it may be the best debate I have seen on the issue, especially since it is between two men who share a commitment to Reformed theology.



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21 Misunderstandings of Calvinism

January 18, 2016 3 comments

“21 Misunderstandings of Calvinism”—The Twentieth and Twenty-First Misunderstandings of Calvinism

January 11, 2016 1 comment

By Sam Waldron

A little apology is due here. I estimated that this blog series would number about 20, but this post is the twelfth in this series, and will be the last. I now deal with two misunderstandings related to the Perseverance and Preservation of the Saints.

V. Misunderstandings related to Perseverance and Preservation

(1) The Perseverance and Preservation of the Saints means that, once men are saved, it does not matter how they live, they will still go to heaven!

In our degenerate age this is actually how many professing Christians understand what they call eternal security. Eternal security is a corrupt form of the doctrine of the perseverance and preservation of the saints.

The historical fact is that at the time of the Synod of Dort and the writing of the 1689 Baptist Confession, neither mainstream Calvinists nor Arminians believed such a horrible doctrine…




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“21 Misunderstandings of Calvinism”—The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Misunderstandings

January 4, 2016 1 comment

By Sam Waldron

In this blog post, I’ll take up misunderstandings related to the fourth of the five points of Calvinism: Irresistible Grace.

IV. Misunderstandings related to Irresistible Grace

(1) Irresistible grace means that God saves men against their will!

Exactly not! Irresistible grace means rather that God makes people willing in the day of His power! The text often quoted by Calvinists here is Psalm 110:3: “Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power.” The 1689 (10:1) makes this matter abundantly clear:




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“21 Misunderstandings of Calvinism”—The Fourteenth, Fifteenth , Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Misunderstandings

December 28, 2015 1 comment

By Sam Waldron

In past blog posts I’ve dealt with misunderstandings related to total depravity and unconditional election, in this post we come to the “L” in TULIP, Limited Atonement. The following treatment of four misunderstandings of limited atonement serve to illustrate why many, like myself, prefer a different name for this doctrine (like definite atonement or, my preference, particular redemption).

III. Misunderstandings related to Limited Atonement

(1) Only Calvinists limit the atonement.

The fact is that every evangelical somehow limits the atonement. Only the Universalist who believes that absolutely everyone will actually be saved by the death of Christ has a really unlimited atonement. Evangelicals with an atonement which is unlimited in extent limit the power or efficacy of that atonement to actually save those for whom Christ died. Calvinists limit the extent of the atonement. But both…..




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“21 Misunderstandings of Calvinism”: The Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Misunderstandings

December 21, 2015 3 comments

By Sam Waldron

I’ve dealt with four misunderstandings of Calvinism related to the doctrine of total depravity. Now I am dealing with a number of misunderstandings related to the doctrine of unconditional election. Here are the seventh, eighth, and ninth of those (numbers 11-13 overall).

II. Misunderstandings related to Unconditional Election

(7) It is not the duty of the non-elect to believe in Christ for salvation! Calvinists do not believe in the free offer of the gospel.

This is, indeed, the doctrine of a few Hyper-Calvinists, but it has never been the doctrine of mainstream Calvinism. The 1689 Baptist Confession (7:2) affirms: “Moreover, man having brought himself under the curse of the law by his fall, it pleased the Lord to make a covenant of grace, wherein he freely offereth unto sinners…..




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