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Out of your own mouth, therefore, shall you be judged

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Out of your own mouth, therefore, shall you be judged. The inability that you feel to do good, is entirely owing to your having no heart to it. It is of the same in nature as that of an unprincipled servant, who cannot seek his master’s interest, but is always defrauding him. You would not hold such a servant blameless. Nor will God hold you so. You are not destitute of those powers which render us accountable beings, but merely of a heart to make use of them for God. You take pleasure in knowledge, but desire not the Knowledge of his ways; in conversation, but the mention of serious religion strikes you dumb; in activity but in a his service you are as one that is dead. You are fond of news; but that which angels announced and the Son of God came down to publish gives you no pleasure. All these things prove, beyond a doubt, where, the inability lies. Or, if sin should be allowed to be your fault, yet, if it were a small offence, an imperfection that might be overlooked, or so slight a matter that you could atone for it by repentance, or prayers, or tears, or any effort of your own, there might be less reason for alarm. But neither is this the case. If sin were so light a matter as it is commonly made, how is it that a train of the most awful curses should be denounced against the sinner? Is it possible that a just and good God would curse his creatures in basket and in store, in their houses and in their fields, in their lying down, and in their rising up, and in all that they set their hands to, for a mere trifle, or an imperfection that might be overlooked?

Rev. Andrew Fuller–The Great Question Answered

Concerning traces of the Old Nature

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

I more fear what is within me than what comes from without.

Martin Luther