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The Biblical Role of Women in Society

Trinity Baptist Church Discipleship Training
(April, 2008)

The proper place of women in society has been an area of much dispute in our generation. Modern feminism has had an enormous impact on the American mind concerning women. They have fought hard for generations to make women equal with men in every way and as a result have destroyed true femininity. They will always be unhappy and unfulfilled because they refuse to recognize God’s gift of womanhood.

As Christians, we are never interested in directing our lives according to the wisdom of men or the course of our culture, but according to the wisdom of God as revealed in His Word. The purpose of this study is to examine the Biblical role of women in society – true feminism….



1. Every woman should strive to attain her full measure of femininity.

A. Satan is destroying womanhood.

With great blinding deception he is convincing women that men are doing all of the important work.

He is convincing women that work at home is unimportant and unfulfilling.

He is convincing women that self worth is measured in individual dominion.

He is convincing women that following the leadership of men is demeaning and a sign of weakness. That to be truly fulfilled she must take on all the qualities of manhood.

B . As womanhood and manhood is being destroyed the results are devastating

Homes are being destroyed as mom and dad give themselves to their careers while children are left in daycare.

Churches are being destroyed – there is a battle over leadership in the church

The foundation of our society is unraveling

Women are left confused and stressed because society is teaching them that they can be excellent wives and mothers and professional women at the same time.




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Dr’s. R. C. Sproul and R. C. Sproul, Jr. Discuss Abortion

Custom cannot be our guide

February 13, 2013 2 comments

calvin.jpg_7MA21605611-00155. Then, again, it is to no purpose they call us to the bar of custom. To make every thing yield to custom would be to do the greatest injustice. were the judgments of mankind correct, custom would be regulated by the good. But it is often far otherwise in point of fact; for, whatever the many are seen to do, forthwith obtains the force of custom. But human affairs have scarcely ever been so happily constituted as that the better course pleased the greater number. Hence the private vices of the multitude have generally resulted in public error, or rather that common consent in vice which these worthy men would have to be law. Any one with eyes may perceive that it is not one flood of evils which has deluded us; that many fatal plagues have invaded the globe; that all things rush headlong; so that either the affairs of men must be altogether despaired of, or we must not only resist, but boldly attack prevailing evils. The cure is prevented by no other cause than the length of time during which we have been accustomed to the disease. But be it so that public error must have a place in human society, still, in the kingdom of God, we must look and listen only to his eternal truth, against which no series of years, no custom, no conspiracy, can plead prescription. Thus Isaiah formerly taught the people of God, “Say ye not, A confederacy, to all to whom this people shall says A confederacy;” i. e. do not unite with the people in an impious consent; “neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. Sanctify the Lord of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread,” (Isaiah 8:12.) Now, therefore, let them, if they will, object to us both past ages and present examples; if we sanctify the Lord of hosts we shall not be greatly afraid. Though many ages should have consented to like ungodliness, He is strong who taketh vengeance to the third and fourth generation; or the whole world should league together in the same iniquity, He taught experimentally what the end is of those who sin with the multitude, when He destroyed the whole human race with a flood, saving Noah with his little family who, by putting his faith in Him alone, “condemned the world,” (Hebrews 11:7.) In short, depraved custom is just a kind of general pestilence in which men perish not the less that they fall in a crowd. It were well, moreover, to ponder the observation of Cyprian, that those who sin in ignorance, though they cannot be entirely exculpated, seem, however, to be, in some sense, excusable; whereas those who obstinately reject the truth, when presented to them by the kindness of God, have no defense to offer.

John Calvin-Prefatory Address to Francis King of the French-Institutes of the Christian Religion

New Bible Translation

I came across this article over the weekend concerning a new Bible translation. Some believe that the Bible should be translated without cultural, political, or theological biases; while others think that the scriptures are to be translated to make them relevant to today’s society.

To be truthful about the matter, I would have to say that there is no translation that hasn’t been influenced by some bias; one way or another. Nevertheless, when translating the Bible, the Christian community needs to be as true to the original languages as possible; while at the same time making them readable in today’s society. Sometimes this might require a bias concerning which words to use. This is because when one translates a word from one language to another, there are at times words that are not equivalent in the translated language, to the word that is being translated. In other words, there are words that are in one language that have a particular meaning, but in the language being translated to, there may not be a word that would carry the same definition of the word being translated. This is why at times translators have to use a word that has the same idea as the one they are trying to translate.

This much said, I will leave you with the article. You can go to it here.