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Concerning the Baptist Library and several things to address

February 12, 2019 5 comments

There might be a huge misconception among folks on social media about my being able to find a job. They somehow believe that I cannot possibly find one and therefore, I was building a library to somehow become rich and have my household provided for without working. This is simply not true.

I possess a class A CDL and finding a job is as simple as going to certain sites and placing contact info on them. Then I just sit back and wait on employers to contact me. All I done yesterday is answer phone calls, text messages, and emails. It is that simple!

I could have been making huge dollar amounts the past few months. For instance: I was offered a job yesterday which guaranteed $65,000 a year in writing. A $5000.00 sign-on-bonus and a company paid phone. This is not to mention all the additional bonuses and perks that come with this job.

So my goal in building a Baptist Library was to have an alternative to the Puritan-Hard Drive, which by the way is full of hard to read scanned copies of books. It is also not Baptist friendly. Despite what Still Waters Revival Books claims, there is absolutely no Baptist material on the Puritan Hard Drive that can actually be considered particularly Baptist. In other words, just because there is a file or two on it by Particular Baptists, (such as Charles Spurgeon or Arthur Pink) does not fulfill the claim of Still Water Revival Books of containing 2203 Reformed Baptist books, mp3’s, and videos. I mean, a file by Charles Spurgeon on the sovereignty of God, does not make this drive contain anything that is particularly Baptists; seeing that the doctrine of God’s sovereignty is a doctrine that is particularly Christian. All Christians, whether they call themselves Baptist are not, should believe in the sovereignty of God. On my website I have a link listing all the Pdf’s on the SWRB drive and there are only a little over 70 Pdf’s out of 2000 plus Pdf’s which are by Baptist authors and not one of them is even a Baptist Confession much less anything that is considered particularly Baptist.

So again, my goal was to build a library that was Baptist friendly, easy to read, and that did not cost a fortune. (I paid over $800 for the SWRB drive while it was in the process of being developed into a drive from 36 Cd’s). I was well on my way of doing this seeing that the Baptist Library Vol I contains 417 Mb’s of material in 435 files.

So again, my goal was not to be rich, nor to make a huge profit off of these files. I could have been driving and making all kinds of money. However, while in this endeavor of building a drive, bills have to be paid. So that is why I am going back to driving and making a living. This is due to the fact that there was simply no support for the drive.

It is that simple folks. If I wanted to make huge dollar amounts, I certainly wouldn’t have been trying to build a library for Baptists, I would have been driving instead.


Concerning My Blog, Web Site and other areas of Ministry

October 16, 2011 2 comments

To give just a short history of the struggle to maintain my sites, blogs, etc…

I have for many years tried to build a web site, blog, Facebook fan page, and several other Internet sites in order to spread and promote what I believe to be the true teachings of the Bible. As most know the doctrines that I believe the Bible teaches is primarily contained in the doctrines of the Reformation, particularly the five solas, the doctrines of Tulip, and what is commonly branded today as Calvinism. (I would stress that I am Reformed Baptist-Covenantal, Amillennial, and believe in the sovereignty of God in salvation). I have wanted to build an interconnected group of resources that would help the Theology student or layman learn as much as possible about the Reformed faith.

I have worked with a dial-up Internet connection spending many hours at a time on the Internet while trying to only place 10 new links on my web site every other week.  In order to get the 10 new links I would have to crawl out of bed on a weekend at 3:00 to 4:00 A. M. and spend 5 to 6 hours on the Internet a day in order to gather the material. I would then spend around 6 hours on a Friday trying to post this material (only ten links) to my web site. Once you add in the blog, the Facebook fan page, Vodpod, Twitter accounts, and trying to find good links in order to expand my web site, then you can see the hours every week I have had to spend in order to gather much material in order to expand these pages and sites. (Throw on top of this a 53 hour work week at the job, maintaining my own cars, house, etc….and trying to spend time with family, then you can see that I have no time for anything else.

I eventually upgraded to a Blackberry that has Internet access and began tethering with it. This made life so much easier. I was surfing the web with greater speeds, therefore it was cutting down the time in which I had to spend on the Internet. The only problem is that I am on AT & T’s service. The problem with AT & T is that their service is rather pathetic. They actually came forward at the beginning of 2011 and apologized to the city ofTalladega, here where I live, because the service was so pathetic. Upon doing this they done something to the towers and my Blackberry then was allowing me to surf with ease. Yet the past few months my service has fell in to such a slump that I can’t even make calls without the calls dropping. Also trying to get on the Internet takes many attempts and much time seeing that the service will not provide an adequate connection.

So it is with great sadness that I will say that I am going to post pone this blog for the time being. I have no way to get on the Internet. The only decent means of getting a connection in my area would be with a Verizon Pc card or air card. The only problem with that is the fact that it runs around 80 dollars a month. I just can’t afford that type of cost for Internet service. Reformed on the Web receives no outside support and the cost for web space, etc…, comes from my own pocket.

Therefore until I can find some support or some cheaper method of Internet, then I must put on hold my sites. I hate to do this, but have no other choice. Some could say that I could go to my public library and get on their free Internet in order to maintain my site. It is true I could do this and have done this many a time. I have also gone to McDonald’s and Jack’s Hamburgers where free wi-fi access is available, but who has time to live at the library or a burger joint? Not I. I could also appeal for donations, but I believe that God’s people are in enough strain financially in the economy we live in. Nevertheless if someone feels led to do this, then I would thank God for it.

Anyway I hope and pray to eventually get back to upgrading my site, for I have much material right now that I would like to add, and also to get back to maintaining my blog. I ask everyone to pray for the means to do this.

God bless,

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

P. S. From someone who has struggled with dial-up for many years———–People who have Internet access do not know how blessed they are. I wished I had high speed and have prayed for this for many years.