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Youth Targeted Calvinism | Part One

My comment: I do not know Dr Rick Patrick personally, but I do live in the area where he Pastors and would like to say that the reason First Baptist Church has no influence on the youth in this area or the area in general is because of the Arminianism taught within its walls. I wouldn’t even know his church existed, if I didn’t have to drive by it. So if Calvinism is moving our youth towards reading sound theological books, then maybe its because the true gospel is being preached within Calvinism. However, I will give him a thumbs up on putting a ‘Belief’ section on his webpage. Most Arminian Baptist don’t even do this.


Dr. Rick Patrick | Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sylacauga, AL

Southern Baptist youth groups are filled with young people converting away from the traditional doctrines held by their parents in favor of more Calvinistic views on salvation, church, culture and ministry. At first glance, this trend seems harmless. If anything, the students converting in spellbound droves[1] to the doctrinal views of Calvinism[2] take their faith far more seriously than their parents do. What Christian parent is going to oppose a movement that actually encourages their child to read the Bible and study theology?

Though most Southern Baptist parents are not at all familiar with the doctrines of Spurgeon, Edwards and Piper, they are profoundly relieved when they discover their teen is into books about God rather than any number of harmful or worldly temptations. In all my years of listening to Focus on the Family, I never once heard a parent ask Dr. Dobson for advice about their teenager reading too much theology. And yet, there are legitimate reasons for traditional Southern Baptist parents and church youth group leaders to view this trend as a dangerous development.[3]

The problems created by Youth Targeted Calvinism (YTC) can be divided into two groups: (a) general problems with Calvinistic doctrines that many parents may not understand, and (b) problems with the practice of targeting youth, introducing them to doctrines disaffirmed by their congregation and especially by their own parents.




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