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The New Testament is Reliable

In this video James White makes a case for the reliability of the New Testament. There is more manuscript evidence for the New Testament, than there is for any piece of literature from antiquity.

The Reliability of the New Testament Text (Dr. James White)

William Lane Craig vs. Frank Zindler

I listened to a debate today between Craig and Zindler on “Atheism vs. Christianity or “Does God Exist”?

William Lane Craig won this debate by a long shot. Frank Zindler offered no evidence whatsoever to prove that God does not exist. It seemed to me that he had problems or questions on whether the Bible was historically reliable, whether it actually means what it says, and with the ethics of the scriptures.

Craig on the other hand took Zindler to task and not only did he offer proofs for God’s existence, but he also countered all the fallacies of his opponent and all the twisting of the scriptures of his opponent.

I recommend that if you have time that you should listen to this debate. You can find the debate  by clicking right here.


Answer the Objection: The Bible has Errors

March 26, 2012 2 comments

I ran across a good post, by a man named Jonathan Dodson, on how to counter the objection of skeptics when they claim the Bible has errors. Of course one way to disarm the skeptic is to ask them to show you an error. Most who spout out such nonsense are only repeating what they have heard. Most are not fluent in how the English Bible came to exist and therefore know nothing of manuscript evidence or the science of textual criticism.

Jonathan Dodson takes the opposite approach when encountered by the skeptics arguments of why we can’t trust the Bible. He suggest that we tell the skeptic that the Bible does contain errors and then proceed to show them the few errors of which it contains. Here is several paragraphs from his article.


What to Say When Someone Says “The Bible Has Errors” by Jonathan Dodson

 Most people question the reliability of the Bible. You’ve probably been in a conversation with a friend or met someone in a coffeeshop who said: “How can you be a Christian when the Bible has so many errors?” How should we respond? What do you say?

Instead of asking them to name one, I suggest you name one or two of the errors. Does your Bible contain errors? Yes. The Bible that most people possess is a translation of the Greek and Hebrew copies of copies of the original documents of Scripture. As you can imagine, errors have crept in over the centuries of copying. Scribes fall asleep, misspell, take their eyes off the manuscript, and so on. I recommend telling people what kind of errors have crept into the Bible. Starting with the New Testament, Dan Wallace, New Testament scholar and founder the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, lists four types of errors in Understanding Scripture: An Overview of the Bible’s Origin, Reliability, and Meaning.


Read more of Jonathan Dodson’s article here.