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Was Early Christianity Hostile to Women?

by Michael J. Kruger

Since we live in a culture that is obsessed with gender identity and gender issues, it is not surprising to find Christianity on the receiving end of serious criticisms regarding its view of women.

Christianity–particularly if it embraces a complementarian theology–is viewed by many in our culture as oppressive and harmful to women. It does not provide, we are told, a friendly and welcoming environment where women can grow and thrive.

But, this is not just a problem for modern Christianity. The oppression of women, it is argued, was especially a problem in early Christianity. After all, in the first few centuries of the church, critics insist that the Christian culture was still very much a patriarchal one still beholden to the misogynistic views of the apostle Paul.




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The Biblical Role of Women in Society

Trinity Baptist Church Discipleship Training
(April, 2008)

The proper place of women in society has been an area of much dispute in our generation. Modern feminism has had an enormous impact on the American mind concerning women. They have fought hard for generations to make women equal with men in every way and as a result have destroyed true femininity. They will always be unhappy and unfulfilled because they refuse to recognize God’s gift of womanhood.

As Christians, we are never interested in directing our lives according to the wisdom of men or the course of our culture, but according to the wisdom of God as revealed in His Word. The purpose of this study is to examine the Biblical role of women in society – true feminism….



1. Every woman should strive to attain her full measure of femininity.

A. Satan is destroying womanhood.

With great blinding deception he is convincing women that men are doing all of the important work.

He is convincing women that work at home is unimportant and unfulfilling.

He is convincing women that self worth is measured in individual dominion.

He is convincing women that following the leadership of men is demeaning and a sign of weakness. That to be truly fulfilled she must take on all the qualities of manhood.

B . As womanhood and manhood is being destroyed the results are devastating

Homes are being destroyed as mom and dad give themselves to their careers while children are left in daycare.

Churches are being destroyed – there is a battle over leadership in the church

The foundation of our society is unraveling

Women are left confused and stressed because society is teaching them that they can be excellent wives and mothers and professional women at the same time.




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Should Women Speak In Mixed Public Assemblies?

By John A. Broadus, D. D., L.L.D.

There is at present a strong tendency in some parts of our country to encourage women in the practice of public discourse to mixed assemblies. This connects itself more or less, with the movements for female suffrage, though some strongly favor the one who are opposed to the other. Christian civilization has by degrees greatly elevated the female sex; and now the demand is, in many quarters, that women shall be encouraged to do, if they like, anything and everything that men do. On the other hand, many of both sexes are persuaded that the Holy Scriptures, which have been the chief cause of the elevation of women, place certain restrictions about their public activities, and enjoin some kind of subordination of wife to husband. The question arising in connection with these movements of opinion and practice are many and various, and some of them appeal to powerful human prejudices and sentiments. It is by no means proposed that this tract shal1 take the wide range thus indicated. It will be confined to the question raised at the outset, and to the limitations with which that question is stated; and will be chiefly occupied with an attempt to explain the passages of scripture which appear to forbid women speaking in mixed assemblies. No thoughtful person would like to profess that in our country at the present moment he can make this investigation in a completely impartial and dispassionate manner; but it is obviously very desirable that writer and readers in such a case should earnestly strive to deal fairly with their own minds and with the truth of God.




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Letter to Obama concerning abortion

Here is an excellent letter, written by a mother, to the President of the United States; concerning abortion and his speech to ‘Planned Parenthood.’

This mother touches on many issues of abortion, of which Obama simply ignores. She makes her case plain and accurate while calling Obama out.


Dear Mr. President,

I had a conversation with my kids the other day. We talked about the Gosnell case, as we try to talk about several current events. I tried to spare them of the gruesome details and give just the short version. They had so many questions, though. They wanted to know what abortion was. I explained that some mommies don’t want to grow a baby just then. I explained, and pointed out how much work babies were. I said that when most women have an abortion, the baby is still forming all of the organs, and not all the parts of the body work outside the mother just yet. I talked about how hard being pregnant was sometimes. I did not want to glorify anything.

My kids understood how hard it was. They’ve seen me go through it a few times. They understood the work, as we live it day in and day out as a family. However, the reality of what an abortion is…they thought I was making that up. They could not believe that anyone would do such a thing. They have an easier time believing in the tooth fairy. When I told them I was serious, they sat in horror.

I did not show them pictures. I was determined not to villainize my opposing side of view or seek to give them nightmares. But I want to teach my children how to form ideas. I want them armed with facts. I also told them about my experience with a crisis pregnancy center. I told them what some of the woman were like, and the challenges they faced. I talked about how some were forced into abortions by loved ones. I talked about the ones who faced depression, or were unable to ever have children because of an abortion procedure they had years earlier. I told them some women have abortions, and never feel bad about it.


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It is a Shame for a Man to have Long Hair

With regard to men, he says just the opposite: ‘it is a shame to them if they wear long hair’…If we suggest that this is of no great importance, we see what God says about it by his Prophet: namely that He will reform the strange clothes.

John Calvin For Men Women and Order in the Church


Concerning Women in Leadership

February 10, 2012 2 comments

No good ever came out of female domination. God created Adam master and lord of all living creatures, but Eve spoiled all.

Martin Luther, “Table Talk”(1532)

Women Teachers

In the second century A. D. a man rose up named Montanus. This man claimed to be the Holy Spirit himself. He claimed that there was a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and that there were Christians who had the Holy Spirit and those who did not. He claimed that those who did not have the Holy Spirit were going to be left behind on earth when Christ came. Not only did Montanus teach all kinds of weird doctrines about the Holy Spirit, but he also surrounded himself with women teachers. He exalted these women and allowed them to teach for him.

A lot of what I have been describing sounds a lot like our Charismatic world of today. Charismatics also claim a fresh outpouring of the Spirit, they to are claiming that there are Christians who have the Spirit and those who do not. (Of course it would be impossible to be a Christian if you did not have the Holy Spirit.) Nevertheless these Charismatics are claiming that they are gods, just as Montanus claimed that he was the Holy Spirit. Also the Charismatics of today have surrounded themselves with women teachers.

What happened to Montanus you asked? Well the church condemned him and his movement as heretical. The Charismatics of today are just as heretical as old Montanus was.

In this post I wanted to link to a good article that refutes the idea that women can be teachers in the pulpits of our churches.

The Bible and Women Teachers by Gary Crampton

 B. B. Warfield once wrote:

It is very plain that he who modifies the teachings of the Word of God in the smallest particular at the dictation of any man-made opinion has already deserted the Christian ground, and is already, in principle, a heretic. The very essence of heresy is that the modes of thought and tenets originating elsewhere than in the Scriptures of God are given decisive weight when they clash with the teachings of God.1

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