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The Westminster Factor

By Tom Chantry

In recent weeks this space has once again been dedicated to a defense of Baptist polity in a general sense, and of Reformed Baptist convictions more specifically. I am well aware that most of my readership is Baptist, and I worry that when this issue arises, I might unintentionally suggest a false view of the Presbyterian world.

There are, it seems, a never-ending stream of men who rise up to denounce Baptists with little understanding of our doctrine and no desire whatsoever to dialog with us. It has become my practice to respond, for which I do not apologize. At the same time, it must be said that the interaction of credobaptist and paedobaptist need not proceed along the lines of ignorance and enmity.

There is another story to tell – one of friendship, cooperation, and shared understanding. I intend to dedicate some space this week to tell that story, largely out of a commitment to honesty. I want no one to think that I imagine that Presbyterian and Reformed churches are represented only by those who denounce us without knowledge. Rather, the history of Presbyterian-Baptist fellowship has been largely a very good story; one which is worth noting here.





Read the entire article here.

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