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By comparing together what is recorded in the earliest parts of John 12 and 13 some interesting and instructive contrasts are revealed

By comparing together what is recorded in the earliest parts of John 12 and 13 some interesting and instructive contrasts are revealed. In the former we read that “they made Him a supper”; in the latter, there is a supper which He appointed. There He is seated at the table; here He arose from it. There He is honored; here He performs the office of a menial. In the one we behold Mary at the feet of the Savior; in the other we see the Son of God stooping to attend to the feet of His disciples. The feet speak of the walk. Christ’s feet were anointed with costly ointment; those of the apostles were washed with water. As Christ passed through this world He contracted no pollution: he left it as He entered—“holy, harmless, undefiled” (Hebrews 7:26). That His feet were anointed with the fragrant spikenard tells us of the sweet savor which ever ascended from Him to the Father, perfectly glorifying Him in every step of His path. In sharp contrast with His, the walk of the disciples was defiled, and the grime of the way needed to be removed if they were to have “part” or communion with Him (13:8). His feet were anointed before theirs were washed, for in all things He must have the “preeminence” (Colossians 1:18). In connection with the former Judas complained; in the latter, Peter demurred. Interpretatively the one had Christ’s burial in view (12:7); the other adumbrated an important part of His present ministry on high (13:1).

Arthur W. Pink-Interpretation of the Scriptures

Charles H. Spurgeon is in the Sola Gratia Library

Just wanted to let everyone know that Charles H. Spurgeon is now part of the Sola Gratia Library. If you would like to read through his 63 volumes of sermons or maybe read his “All of Grace,” his “Commentary on Matthew,” or any of his other 60 plus books, then give my site a visit.

Also several more books have been added to the ‘Works of History’ page. Several Works have also been added to the main page of the library, such as: ‘The Works of Johnathan Edwards,’ several books by John Owen, etc…; and several commentaries have been added to my ‘Bible Commentary’ page.

The ‘Baptist Issues’ page has several new links and my ‘Creeds-Confessions’ page has several new links, including two links by my friend and Brother, Randall Klynsma: “A Case For Explicit Creedalism: Meaningful Togetherness Is Impossible Without It” By Randall Klynsma (and Rev. David Fagrey) (Pdf) and “The Complete Gospel: Biblical Faith as Summarized in the Creeds of the Early Church and the Heidelberg Catechism” by Randall Klynsma

I hope you enjoy these latest additions.

Hershel L. Harvell Jr.

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One person speaks for the other, and how could they if there were any disagreement between them?

But you must notice another thing in my text, which will show the blessed unity of the three — the one person promises to the other. The Son says, “I will pray the Father.” “Very well,” the disciples may have said, “We can trust you for that.” “And he will send you.” You see here is the Son signing a bond on behalf of the Father. “He will send you another Comforter.” There is a bond on behalf of the Holy Spirit, too. “And he will abide with you forever.” One person speaks for the other, and how could they if there were any disagreement between them? If one wished to save, and the other not, they could not promise on one another’s behalf. But whatever the Son says, the Father listens to, whatever the Father promises, the Holy Ghost works, and whatever the Holy Ghost injects into the soul, that God the Father fulfils. So the three together mutually promise on one another’s behalf. There is a bond with three names appended, — Father Son and Holy Ghost. By three immutable things, as well as by two, the Christian is secured beyond the reach of death and hell. A Trinity of Securities, because there is a trinity of God.

Charles H. Spurgeon- “The Personality of the Holy Ghost,” A Sermon Delivered On Sabbath Morning,
January 21, 1855

Puritan Hard Drive Revisited or Puritan Drive Critique 3

Several years ago when the Puritan hard Drive was in Cd format, I decided to purchase them. It took over 2 years and $895.00 to finally receive what is now called the Puritan Hard Drive. The owner and manufacturer of this drive is Still Water Revival Books owned and operated by Reg Barrow.

Close to the end of this two year waiting period I contacted John Hendryx, of, to see if he might know when this drive would come out. John Hendryx was advertising for Reg Barrow and therefore I thought he might have some insight on when these drives would eventually start rolling off the production line. In my email I told John that I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten scammed. John’s exact words to me were: “I have been wondering that myself.”

Once the drive finally arrived I could not get it to work properly on my main computer and contacted SWRB and they hooked me up with their engineer. (I know, Right! Who hooks you to the engineer when you are having technical difficulties with a product) Through several emails we worked back and forth, but could not resolve the situation.

Due to not being able to use the drive on my main computer, that and several other factors, I wrote a critique of this drive. SWRB has a whole page devoted to critiquing my critique, however, Reg Barrows resulted to slander and ad hominem, instead of debating the issues. I had been accused of contacting his affiliates through email and by phone and harassing them. So I wrote another critique in response to that. At the time I used At&t cellular service as my primary phone service. My At&t bill would arrive with a full statement showing every call that had been made from my phone during that month. I still have all these billing statements and no phone call can be found to anyone regarding this matter. I also kept my emails from John Hendryx.

In the critique put up by SWRB, Reg Barrows claims that I harassed his affiliates through email and phone, yet the only testimony he has is the one by John Hendryx. John Hendryx supposedly said, “Seems mentally unstable or something insisting that the whole thing is my fault.” This statement does not trouble me. It just makes me wonder how anyone can run a Christian website and not have SWRB take that statement down while asking forgiveness of the one he is slandering, knowing that he was in agreement with me throughout this whole process. I don’t want to speculate, but advertising money will make individuals change positions on a whole lot of things. The Lord will judge those who slander others falsely.

Now on to the Puritan Hard Drive:

Reg Barrow, in his deceit filled sells pitches, makes the claim that this drive contains 2208 Reformed Baptist books, mp3’s, and videos. This is the main part of his deceitful sells pitches which I have challenged in both of my critiques. In my critiques I stated that there were indeed a few Baptists files on the drive, however there is nothing particularly Baptist about it. He challenged this by saying:

However, since there is no way for others to substantiate many of the errors, inconsistencies and even outright lies in your review, I will provide just one example below (from your review) about how grossly inaccurate your review of the Puritan Hard Drive actually is, on a point that others can easily verify…”

Reg Barrow stated that there was no way for others to substantiate my claims (he says errors), but we shall prove that what I stated was no error. There are 2123 pdf files on this drive. I took the file names and copied them and put them into a webpage. I have highlighted in blue all the files by Baptists authors (I only ended up with 99 and had to drop seven of those because Octavius Winslow seceded to the Anglican Church in the last decade of his life) and have listed them above the list of names on the webpage. I also highlighted in red every book that teaches infant baptism over and against the Baptist position, without him also including books which argue for the Baptist position. One file by Andrew Fuller was only added because it includes letters and an appendix which tries to show that Andrew Fuller taught a false doctrine concerning Christ’s atonement. All the files by Baptist authors were placed on the drive because they do not contradict covenanters doctrines. (I will eventually put the names of the files of the 10,323 Mp3’s on a web page and go through them also. It might take several webpages and a lot of work, but I will substantiate my claims)

My first and second critique were made into Pdf’s back when I wrote them and a link to them is on the webpage above the list of books on the drive.

So if you want to go through the list of names or download my critiques, then visit my page. The link below the ‘Puritan Hard Drive’ link entitled: ‘Sample Page,’ is to a pdf containing only one page. A lot of these Pdf’s are scanned copies of books and so I copied one page and put it in pdf, in order that you would know how hard it is to read some of these files.

Puritan Hard Drive Critique—web page with a list of all pdf files

Sample Page—–click here to see a sample of a page from one of SWRB’s scanned books

Once you go through the books that were included on a covenanters hard drive, you will even say:

“There is nothing particularly Baptist about that.”

The Covenants

The Covenants


Robt. Boyte C. Howell



1. The Covenants

2. The Covenant of Works

3. The Covenant of Eden

4. The Covenant of Redemption

5. The Covenant of Promise in Christ to Abraham

6. The Covenants of the Law

7. Philology of the Covenants

8. The Old Covenant and the New Covenant

9. The Teachings of the Covenants

R. B. C. Howell- The Covenants

Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 179


To [Rev. W. J. Mayers].

CLAPHAM, July 25, 1874.


I am deeply grieved by the sad news which has just arrived by telegram. It is unexpected indeed. I pray that your will may run side by side with that of your Lord, and may you even thank Him, “for so it seemed good in Thy sight.” He can see no reason or goodness in the removal because we are quite unable to see afar off, but faith knows that there is both wisdom and love in it, and leaves all to the far seeing Lord. The Comforter will be with you; a deeper experience of trial will prepare you for greater heights of service. Sharp pruning will increase sweet fruit.

With the utmost love,

Your sympathizing friend,


Library Update!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have several new updates. First of all, I put a link on the top toolbar of every page. This required going through every page and installing it and then going into my site and deleting every page and loading a new page. One change on the page is not effective unless I load a new copy of that page.

Secondly, Sola Gratia Library has been updated with two new pages. I have put up ‘The Works of John Calvin’ and ‘Works of History.’ The ‘Works of History’ page is a page containing books on the history of the Church, the history of the Baptists, the history of the Reformation, etc…. It is history books written by men such as: Henry C. Vedder, J. A. Wylie, John Knox, Joseph Ivimey, etc…So be sure to check it out.

The Works of Augustine and some miscellaneous books have been added to the main page of the Sola Gratia Library. So be sure to check them out. Remember, all files are in Pdf.

To access my Home page, to access the Sola Gratia Library, to access The Works of John Calvin, and to access Works of History, click any link.

Hershel L. Harvell Jr.

The Content of the Noble New Hampshire Confession (Part 2)

by Tom Nettles

In the last entry, we saw how the New Hampshire Confession describes God’s operations of grace in the present so that our corruptions are overcome in his granting us salvation. This entry begins with the Confession’s statement on the location of these present operations in the divine purpose established in eternity.

The article entitled “Of God’s purpose of Grace” continues the robust affirmation of divine prerogative and power while also insisting on the immediate responsibility of man, or free agency, of man. The confession states, “We believe that election is the eternal purpose of God,” [not just his perfect foreknowledge of all things that will happen], “according to which he graciously regenerates, sanctifies, and saves sinners [God’s eternal purpose governs all the necessary operations by which he saves those he has elected], “that being perfectly consistent with the free agency of man, it comprehends all the means in connection with the end”……

Read the entire article here.

The Wednesday Word: It is Finished!

It is reported that when Queen Elizabeth 1 of England lay dying she said, “My God, my God it is over. I have come to the end! In her wardrobe, she had 2,000 costly dresses and gowns yet she called out, “All my possessions for just one more day.” Pathetic words from a dying monarch.

How wonderful then, by contrast, are the words of the dying Saviour who declares from the cross—IT IS FINISHED!

In those three words, we learn that salvation has been completed, accomplished and perfected. Notice, there is not a hint of worry, anxiety or despair. How unlike the words of the dying Queen who said, “My God My God it is over, I have come to the end.” See how Christ’s words, “It is Finished”, are filled with glorious victory.

When He said, ‘It is Finished’ it means it is done and completed. But, what is done and completed? It means that redemption is both done and completed. Salvation has been obtained and accomplished! You see, this English phrase of ours, this little sentence, is not in the Greek at all. In the Greek, it is just one word: FINISHED! And Christ cried it out with a loud voice (Matthew 27:50). He wasn’t finished. He wasn’t the victim, He was the victor. But how was Redemption finished? It was finished by the doing and dying of the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

He finished and fully completed the work He had been sent to do! It is Finished! When we look at the tense of the Greek we discover that it is the perfect tense which means that although the action has been completed in the past, the results continue into the present. So, when Jesus cried out, “It is finished,” he meant, “It was finished in the past, it is still finished in the present and it will remain finished in the future.”

Listen to Paul as he tells the Hebrews of the Christ who finished His work, “Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;” Hebrews 1:3.

It is finished! That means, Justice was satisfied and is still satisfied. That means, the Father was satisfied and is still satisfied. The righteous demands of the law were satisfied and are still satisfied. That means, the Old Testament sacrifices were finished and are still finished. That means, the Prophets were fulfilled and are still fulfilled. It is Finished. What a wonderfully grand and glorious statement by the God/Man, the amazing Prince of glory! When a work is Finished, it is Finished, there is no need to add anything to it!

So, neither man nor angel needs add anything to His finished work. And a good thing too. Wouldn’t it be just dreadful if our salvation was based on any of our efforts! Our efforts at best are incomplete. We haven’t served God perfectly and we have left things undone. There’s so much we should have done but haven’t! But the Lord Jesus left nothing of our salvation incomplete! It Is Finished! He did not partially save or partially ransom—It Is Finished! Everything He did for us, He did perfectly—-It is Finished! There is no one like Christ Jesus in any of the World’s Religions.

This one expression—IT IS FINISHED explodes every other religion on earth! They are all fakes. They are all useless. Mohammed did not complete redemption for his people, Buddha did not atone for His people –only Christ Jesus ransomed, redeemed and reconciled us back to God.

It is Finished! ‘Lifted up was He to die It is Finished was His Cry. Now in heaven exalted high Hallelujah, What a Saviour.’

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

Miles Mckee

The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination-The Five Points of Calvinism

The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

The Five Points of Calvinism

The Calvinistic system especially emphasizes five distinct doctrines. These are technically known as “The Five Points of Calvinism,” and they are the main pillars upon which the superstructure rests. In this section we shall examine each of these, giving the Scripture basis and the arguments from reason which support them. We shall then consider the objections which are commonly brought against them.

As will be shown, the Bible contains an abundance of material for the development of each of these doctrines. Furthermore, these are not isolated and independent doctrines but are so inter-related that they form a simple, harmonious, self-consistent system; and the way in which they fit together as component parts of a well-ordered whole has won the admiration of thinking men of all creeds. Prove any one of them true and all the others will follow as logical and necessary parts of the system. Prove any one of them false and the whole system must be abandoned. They are found to dovetail perfectly one into the other. They are so many links in the great chain of causes, and not one of them can be taken away without marring and subverting the whole Gospel plan of salvation through Christ. We cannot conceive of this agreement arising merely by accident, nor even being possible, unless these doctrines are true.

Let it be borne in mind that in this book we do not propose to discuss in detail those other doctrines of the Scriptures which are accepted by evangelical Christendom, but to set forth and defend those which are peculiar to the Calvinistic system. Unless this be kept in mind much of the real strength and beauty of generic Calvinism will be lost and the so-called “Five Points of Calvinism,” – which historically and in reality are the obverse of what might be called the “Five Points of Arminianism,” – will assume undue prominence in the system. Let the reader, then, guard against a too close identification of the Five Points and the Calvinistic system. While these are essential elements, the system really includes much more. As stated in the Introduction, the Westminster Confession is a balanced statement of the Reformed Faith or Calvinism, and it gives due prominence to the other Christian doctrines.

The Five Points may be more easily remembered if they are associated with the word T-U-L-I-P; T, Total Inability ; U, Unconditional Election; L, Limited Atonement; I, Irresistible (Efficacious) Grace; and P, Perseverance of the Saints.

Loraine Boettner- The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination