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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 214


To [Canon Palmer].



I am exceedingly obliged by your prompt and Christian reply. I felt it needful to make my protest against the bell-ringing somewhat strong, that I might not appear to be asking a favor merely, but claiming a right not to be disturbed. Otherwise, the lapse of years gives right to a custom against which no protest is entered. This, and no unfriendliness to you, prompted what you considered to be a threat. I can only hope that future correspondence may be, on my part, on a more pleasant subject, and, on your part, may be in the same generous tone.

Yours very heartily,



Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 216


To [Canon Palmer].



I beg to call your attention to the great disturbance caused by the ringing of a bell, at St. Gabriel’s Church, while the congregation at the Tabernacle is engaged in prayer. I reminded your predecessor that no right of bellringing belongs to any but a parish church, and informed him that I really must appeal to the law to stop the needless nuisance. He very kindly reduced the evil to the minimum, and I no longer objected. I am sure it is far from me to wish to interfere with the peculiar habits of my neighbors; but when many hundreds of persons, met to worship God, are disturbed by the clanging of a loud bell, it compels me to complain. The hours when we are at worship are at 11 and 6.30 on Sunday, and from 7 to 8.30 p.m. On Monday and Thursday.

Wishing to be upon good terms with all in the parish, I trust that you will not allow the bell-ringer to disturb us further, but will substitute a few strokes for the many which are now given.

I am,

Yours truly,


Introducing the ‘Baptist Library Vol I

Reformedontheweb is excited to present to you: “The Baptist Library Vol I.” Each book is in adobe reader format, and is a searchable document. I only have one scanned file in this entire collection. My goal is to produce a library that is Baptist friendly and that focuses primarily on particular Baptist doctrine. This does not mean that all the files on this Cd are by particular Baptists. Some are by paedobaptist and are included because they present Biblical truth that particular Baptist agree with; such as: Boettner’s ‘The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination.’ This is what the collection includes:

A workable index– search the entire library through one master index. Each collection has its own index, however, send a shortcut of the master index to your desktop and access all files through the master index. The master index is titled ‘baptistvol1.index’

Over 400 Mb’s of books on this disk

What you will get by buying this collection:

The Arthur Pink CollectionClick the title to check out this collection

The John Bunyan CollectionClick the title to check out this collection

The John Gill CollectionClick the title to check out this collection

Plus 143 more Books, Confessions, or Sermons. Some of which include:

‘Abraham Booth- The Reign of Grace’

‘Benjamin Keach- The Glory of a True Church and its Discipline Display’d’

‘Isaac Backus- The Bondwoman and the Free’

and much, much more.

So without further ado here is the collection:

The Reformedontheweb Library


The Baptist Library Vol I

The going price for ‘The Arthur Pink Collection’ and “The John Bunyan Collection’ is $19.95 apiece on other sites. The going price for ‘The John Gill Collection’ is $29.95. That is $69.85. But on Reformedontheweb you can get all three collections, plus 143 more files, for just:


You will save $29.90 with this collection and will get 143 extra, Books, Sermons, and Confessions

So buy your copy today by clicking the link below.

Buy: The Baptist Library Vol I

The Puritan Hard-Drive emails come like clock work

Many here have probably read of the ordeal that I went through with the Puritan Hard-drive from SWRB. Many here probably are aware that SWRB has an entire page up against my critique of the Puritan-Hard. This page makes false accusations against me and does not tell the truth concerning what transpired concerning my purchase of the drive.

With all that aside, I would like to ask SWRB why I now get emails which advertise this drive? I mean, once I called and had them go ahead and charge my credit card with the remaining amount I owed, the emails stopped. I did not receive anymore emails about the progress of this drive. (I was set up on a payment plan and paid so much a month. I called and had them go ahead and charge me for the remaining balance).

Beginning a few weeks ago, the emails started coming regularly into my inbox concerning the supposedly so-called super-sale which SWRB has going on concerning this drive. I get at least one, sometimes more, emails a day concerning this so-called super-sale.

Did my name make it back to the email list because SWRB is now struggling trying to get someone to purchase this drive? Who knows? Maybe they have had a down fall in sales.

I would not be surprised if this is the case. I mean who wants to buy a drive which contains pdf’s that are hard to read? (These are scanned files of old books, which they now claim can be searched) Who wants to buy a drive which contains only a little over 2000 pdf’s and 10,000 plus mp3’s? (A lot of the mp3’s are by the same so-called minsters, who are biased against any other viewpoint, except The Covenanter way of interpretating the scriptures).

If anyone is interested in seeing what is on this drive or interested in viewing the poor quality of pdf’s on it, then just check out the links below.

Purtian Hard-drive Critque Pt 1 (A pdf explaining what went on with my purchase of the drive)

Purtian Hard-drive Critque Pt 2 (A pdf explaining what went on with my purchase of the drive)

Sample page (A Pdf sample page which shows the poor quality of books which you will receive if you purchase this drive)

Puritan Hard-drive Critique (A webpage listing all the Pdf’s on the drive and proving that there are absolutely no books on this drive that are particularly Reformed Baptist and certainly there are not 2300 plus Reformed Baptist files on this drive)

Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 215


BENMORE, July, 1880.


Thank you for your notes which tell me no more than is needful and all that I want to know. I will send the receipt to Mr. C. I suppose there will be 16 pages of accounts extra. If there should be need for more small print for the Magazine one of Mr. Dawe’s “Apostles” can be inserted. I did the notes easily and I thank you for so admirably forming the backbone of them. I am greatly enjoying my holiday and I wish you could have one also, but I fear it will not be till late, for we shall soon be in the throes of moving. I am writing with a patent pen which carries its own ink, but I don’t think much of it, for it seems to me to be very indistinct and more like a pencil than a pen. Have you heard how Miss C. gets on, and whether she is with Mr. H.? Peace be ever with you.

Yours heartily,


Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 214


To [Rev. J. W. Harrald].



I think your having a wife would not quite preclude your being sent out to South Australia. Passage would be paid for both, I think. I am not, however, sure of this, and of course a single man would be preferred. As to moving to some English sphere. I must leave that with yourself. I am sure you will be useful wherever you go. When you feel you ought to leave you shall have my best aid in finding another sphere. I fear your leaving Shoreham would destroy what you have built up, and if this be a wellgrounded fear I would urge you to remain. In any case we should try to meet with a fit successor, before we shifted ground. May our Lord direct you evermore. Present my kindest regards to Mrs. Harrald.

Yours heartily,


Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 213


To [Dr. David Brown].

NIGHTINGALE LANE, May 11 [1877].


I have to apologize for having troubled you twice about so small a matter as your autograph; but the fact is, I did not recognize Dr. David Brown of Duncan’s Memoir as the David Brown of The Commentary. Pray excuse me. I am getting to fear and tremble about the Browns. You must know that the President and Vice-President of our Baptist Union are both Browns, and that the Chairman of our London Association is also a Brown. “Browns to right of us, Browns to left of us, etc.” God bless them all!

Yours heartily,